Coffee Shops and Wanted Posters

Morning came earlier than I had expected it to. I never had cared what time of the day it was before. But today I was heading off to the coffee shop. 

"You should work with me tomorrow," Kathleen suggested. "I can say your a cousin who just moved into town. I can use some help. Ever since my father was killed I've had to run the business myself. It's not the same since we don't get the same customers, but I could sure use your help sometime. You can make some nice money. You're going to have to work under cover of course though. You can't go around saying your name is Takeshi. I can't explain much to you now. I'll give you a code name in the morning when you come to the Shop. Sound good to you?"

A hat was handed to me as soon as I walked through the door. She smiled as she situated it on my head. I rubbed my sleepy eyes. She pulled me along the floor and placed me behind the counter and handed me a coffee shop apron and fitted a pari of glasses on my face. She accomplished this so fast I almost didn't even realize that it was happening. 

"Okay, your perfect," Kathleen spoke, analyzing my new look from a slight distance. She made a box with her fingers and fit it around me. "You look like the perfect coffee shop worker." She had all of the people in the shop turn around and clap. I looked down at the floor and laughed slightly to myself. This was awkward. "I will call you Talon for now."

"Okay," I mumbled slowly as she walked around and shoved a coffee pot into my arms. 

"Serve this to all the tables, don't leave anyone  without a full cup." I nodded slowly and she pushed me out into the middle of the shop. A few eyes turned and looked at me, and I tried to make out faces since the glasses slightly fogged my eyes since they caused me to have a huge headache. I sighed and went around to all of the table and poured coffee into the cups. 

Next I had to clean cups that were finished with and get extra cups off of the top shelf for the new customers. Washing them wasn't hard, but I was too short to reach the top shelf. I climbed onto one of the lower shelves and tried to maneuver myself around to get the cups. I was still too short and couldn't see over the top of any of the shelves. I grabbed at them trying to see if I could find anything to bring it down. I tried using my other hand as well since there were quite a few cups I needed. My foot started sliding off the shelf slowly, but I was determined. 

I feel backwards the cups in my arms. i fell onto the floor pushing aside a few table, the glasses flying off of my face and shattering onto the floor. Glass shards stabbed into my chest and I had a quick flashback. I coked and sat up slightly. 

"Talon are you okay?" Kathleen asked heavily. 

"I'm fine," I muttered coldly, rubbing my head. I found the cracked glasses and placed them back up the bridge of my nose. 

She grabbed onto my arm and pulled me to the back to the counter again. "Are you crazy little buddy?" I shook my head. "Look over there," She snipped, pointing to a poster that was on the wall. 

WANTED: Takeshi Kimura. 


"See why you have to be careful?" She snipped. "Can't you see? You're a wanted boy! If they can get their hands on you, your dead. You're the chosen one. Now you have to pretend to be my cousin Talon if you want to live. That's why you have to keep this get up. You can't keep breaking glasses like this! You're lucky I have another pair of specs for you. But those cups are coming out of your pay. Next time, use the ladder." 

I nodded sorrowfully. I felt the need to snap at her and call her out on how bad I felt since I had resorted back to the war for a moment. But I was Talon now...

The End

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