The War and It's Aftermath

The man sulked through the house, tearing it apart, searching for something, someone. The smell of smoke filtered into my nostrils, and I tried to hold back a cough. It burned in the back of my throat. We listened closely to the door, and hoped deeply no one would bother to ever open it. 

"I couldn't find him sir," the voice muttered. I heard the other man growl and demanded that they looked through all the other houses. We were safe for now. We fumbled out of the closet and onto the floor. All of our furniture was strewn everywhere in every direction. Shattered glass was scattered along the floor, and no where was safe to walk in bare feet. Leliko sobbed as she leaned against the wall. Junko consoled her as I walked slowly along the floor. 

The wall was only barely stable. The sky outside was red, flames reaching to the peaks into the clouds. Screams could be heard from various directions. I swallowed hard and started walking out of the house. 

"Takeshi!" Junko screamed. "Where do you think your going?" 

"I need to find mom and dad," I whined. She ran up to me, leaving Leliko behind. She wrapped her arm around my shoulder and held me close. 

"Takeshi, they're looking for you," She explained. I looked at her with confusion and she sighed softly. "Your the chosen one of our family. They want you. We always knew this day would come. We just never wanted you to know." I broke away from her grasp and ran out the door. "Takeshi!" 

I ignored her cry and ran out into the body filled streets. These sites were the worst of anything I had ever seen. I stopped and absorbed the frightened dead faces. All of people I knew. Blood soaked. I walked slowly through the maze of people, trying not to step on any of the bodies that lay in my path. 

I looked down and saw the one site that stained into my eyes...

Their faces of complete horror, their eyes closed. The dead bodies of my parents laid right in front of me. Freshly killed. I backed up slowly. A hand grabbed my shoulder. I screamed. 

"Shh," Junko whispered, Leliko hanging on her side. "Come with me. You shouldn't be out here. We're taking Leliko to the shop to see if anyone's alive back there." I refused to go, but Junko had more power over me than I did towards her. 

We went to Zanario's shop. It was almost a complete replica of our destroyed house. The lights were all shot around us. It was cold in here, only the feeling of ghosts. 

"Leliko!" Zanario cheered from behind a counter. he ran over to his daughter. He looked crazed, with bags under his eyes. He had the look of a man who just witnessed a murder. Mostly because he had. "I'm so glad your alive. I'm so glad to see all of you alive. Where are your parents? Are they okay?"

"I haven't seen them," Junk spoke softly. 

"They're dead," I said emotionless, starring forward. Junko gasped, and I saw tears start to prick the corners of her eyes. 

Zanario pulled his daughter close to him. They embraced and he was whimpering in her ear. 

"I never want to lose you," He sobbed. "Your the only one left." She started crying along in unison with him. I couldn't take this sob fest any more.

I burst out the door and out back into the streets. Junko screamed and ran back out after me. My second break away was a fail like the first. Suddenly her screams stopped and sounds of her struggling came from behind me. I turned around to see two men grab ahold of her. 

They beat her to death. My eyes started to moisten.

I ran farther and farther. I never looked back. I didn't want to. It was bad enough the first time. I ran up a hill, avoiding as many dead bodies as possible. 

The abandoned jail came into view. Hadn't been used for the longest time. I tried the door knob, and it was unlocked. I stumbled inside with relief. I locked it behind me and rested on the door. So much death in one evening. What started out a bright sunny day turned into a ghost town death bed. 

And that was where I stayed. 

The End

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