Curse of Shadows

In a distant land, and island to be exact, lays a small village, a peaceful village filled with happy-go-lucky folks. This land is named Arrowtrever and the home of the Kimura family heir who yet hasn't been told, at the age of five, of his luck in his family tree. 

My mother, in her most dressy morning wear, was hauling over the hot oven cooking breakfast for my father, my sister, and I. It was a bright morning, the sun shining lightly through the glass of the windows, and quite a pleasant one. If you could tell how the day was going to be by the weather in the very morning, you would've thought today would be a perfect and quite fun day, but sadly never turned out as such in a town like this. But today was the village Auction, a day my father looked forward to for the whole year. He sat anxiously in his chair, one leg crossed over the other, his hand holding up his head, his lips pressed in a single straight line and showing no emotion besides the slight hint of eagerness for the night to come. 

My mother smiled at me and bid me a good morning as I slipped into one of  the bar stool chairs  set up in front of the counters in which she cut vegetables for omelets. She was graced with shoulder length soft blond locks which framed her pale heart shaped face. She had ocean blue eyes, which were wide, but not scary wide. She was lean for a mother of two, maybe it was because she always kept busy while other mothers stayed behind and talked at the Coffee Shop up the hill. I was like the mirror image of my mother. I took after most of her genetics such as her skin tone and hair/eye color, as well as the same face structure, mine being a little more manly than hers of course. 

My sister, Junko, took more after my dad when it came to appearance. Like him she was always tough and hard shelled. One way opinionated and once their mind is made up there is no turning back. She was tall and had high cheek bones, just like my father - which I felt fit him much better - and long deep almond brown hair. Like any older sibling, she would tease me and mess up my hair, but I wasn't too concerned. 

"When will breakfast be done?" My father asked, moving his lips quicker than the words could fold out. She let go of the spoon and looked at him with angered eyes.

"Find something to entertain you," She snipped. "Breakfast will be done whenever I'm good and ready to serve it to you. You still have a two hours until Zanario expects you to be down at his shop in your best suit. Until then, settle down. You'll give yourself a heart attack." My mother brushed past me, ringing her fingers through my hair, before getting out the plates from the cabinet. She set one in front of me, along with a fork and a glass of orange juice. Junko sat next to me and dug into hers as well.

Mother chose to feed my father last and laughed to herself when he looked at her irritably. I looked outside to see the sun slowly hide behind a dark luminous cloud. I scratched my head, only to shrug my shoulders and ignore the fact. I finished up my breakfast and jumped over to sit in front of my dad. I looked up to him. Well, literally as well since I was only five, and quite short.

Before we knew it, my father was dressed up, and would have been running out the door if it weren't for my mother holding him by the collar of his shirt. She pecked him lightly on his cheek and kept an eye on the clock before the two of them walked out the door. She stopped midway, "Zanario's wife should be here any minute to drop off his daughter Leliko. You two are watching after her. Be good!" We nodded in agreement.

Leliko was dropped off soon after. She was my age, and like me had blond hair, only her eyes were a dark brown. She was quiet, and sat down on the couch away from me and Junko as soon as she arrived. A strange girl she was. She looked at me with fear stricken eyes. I was confused. I moved over and sat next to her. I looked at her, and she looked away.

"Hello," I greeted, trying not to just stare at her. She got off the couch and sat on the floor over by our front door. I walked over to her and held my hand out. "You must be Leliko, nice to meet you." She shook her head. "What's wrong?"

"Don't talk to me," She snipped. "Don't think I don't have a clue what's going on. And don't think that just because they told me that I shouldn't worry about it that I won't hate you. Because I do."

I tilted my head to the side. What was wrong with her?

"Your going to kill us all," She mumbled, not looking me in the eye. I grabbed a board game of checkers and brought it out in between us. I set it down and set up the pieces for her. She moved a few feet away from the door to sit by the board. She looked at me in question, confused with all of her vile thoughts. She looked at me, and i looked at her. For that moment everything was silent. Until there was a crash. Glass shattered, and I had enough time to move, to do something. I grabbed the board and stood in front of her, taking the blow as she watched me. That moment went by in seemingly slow motion, before I fell backwards. The rest of the windows burst, letting in smoke and the sight of red fire filled skies.

Leliko screamed and Junko grabbed both of us and dragged us into the closet. She held us close as we heard violent screams tear into our ears from outside.

"Is everyone okay?" She asked quickly.

"Yes," Leliko and I answered in a perfect unison.

"I believe the boy lives here," A voice from outside spoke. A young male voice.

"Go in, and if you find him, kill him."  

The End

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