The Tale of Takeshi

A re-make of my first and only finished novel.

This is basically a remake of my first novel. The names aren't the same as they were in the original version, but some weren't in the second version anyways. 

Takeshi is a member of the Kimura family in which a special unique source of magic power is passed dow n through generations until it hits a specific 'Chosen One' which can harness the power and use it to it's full potential. The 'Chosen One' arrives randomly in the order of the generations so it is never able to be predicted who will get the power and who won't. The 'Chosen One' always has to be male. Once a 'Chosen One' is born it is apparent to all of the family members. Sometimes though other family members may decide that they want the power themselves, and it is possible for the 'Chosen One' to give his power to someone else. Also the power can be split between him and two other people of his choice, as represented with the family crest necklace. 

The End

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