The Tale Of Pyro

I only knew one thing. To kill. An assassin's job. But then I found love.


 Burning. Searing hot fire soared through me, scalding my insides. My body convulsed, but I was in too much pain to notice. I gasped and moaned in pain as the fire engulfed my body. What had I done to deserve this? Had I sinned, was God paying me back? I hoped not.

 After a while, I slipped into deep, painful unconsciousness. I thought that I died. I was having the same dream again and again.


 Eyes stare at me through the darkness, inviting me to follow them. I smile as I do so, but something stops me, as if there was a shield around the dark shadows. I frown. This wasn't meant to happen.

 The eyes blink, and it looks like they're smiling, sneering tauntingly. I get angry, and a fire burns inside me, causing me to fall to the ground, in hot, searing pain.


 My eyes snapped open.

The End

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