Chapter 4: Ida

That boy’s face haunted her for many nights after that. As well as the face of the person he was working with.


Yes, she remembered THAT Green Man. The nicest one. She tried to give him her most obvious, pleading face. Nime, however, showed no recognition. At least he destroyed those No-faces for her. She couldn’t have run much longer without a bite to eat and some rest, and he had given her the perfect opportunity to escape and do just that.

She gnawed at the rabbit that was under her paws, feeling rested and full, eating without thinking about the food under her. She had taught herself not to think about how that animal was probably unsanitary, or that it hadn't been cooked at all. Ida let her wolf instincts kick in at times like this. She couldn't dwell on what she was eatting when in the forest, surviving like any other animal. Plus, she had to be on high alert. She knew Damien was angered because of her escape, and would not let it slide easily.

 He wanted power. She could tell. Animals could read emotions better than anything else. He wouldn't care what happened to anyone. He didn’t gain anything in killing people. Yes, he seemed to enjoy destroying lives, but it didn’t help him in his objective. To become the ruler of the world; To be in control. She had to be careful, for she was being watched. She would have to keep on the move to avoid being caught by that evil man.

She got up off the ground and shook her fur furiously as an instinct, not because she was wet. She decided to leave the rabbit were it was. Maybe another animal would not starve tonight, from her generosity. She started walking away, her ears perked up in alert for unwelcome guests.

Through the hours, she kept very alert. Hearing even the slightest noise would make her bear her teeth. She wouldn't allow herself to fall asleep, for that was the reason of her last incident with Damien and his no-faces.

She swore she had seen Damien somewhere before. That face seemed so familiar. those eyes told her she had seen him before. But she couldn’t put her finger on where.

“Who is this man?” she thought to herself, knowing that she MUST find the answer. It would haunt her for the rest of her life, if she did not find out soon..

As she meandered quietly, she tried to search her mind for some forgotten memories. But alas, it did not work. It was like trying to remember something that happened when you were a baby. In fact, that was exactly what she was doing, as far as she knew.

She didn’t remember much from her childhood. She didn’t remember her family. She didn’t know if she had siblings or not. Ida didn’t have the foggiest idea where she had came from or why she could turn into a white-haired beast. Of course, she wasn’t complaining of her talents. They came in handy quite a lot.

She was immediately snapped out of her intense focuas, when her senses told her something was not right. She halted to a stop, and took in her surroundings. She was just about to walk into the opening of a village. She quickly stumbled back, afraid to scare someone. She turned into her human form and walked out onto the road. Nobody screamed. Nobody had seen the monster.

Her long, curly, snow white hair bounced in the wind, as her icy blue eyes searched for any threats in the town.

It was a small town, with little shops all lined up in rows. The road seemed to go on for a little while, so she started walking on it, looking for a place to stay. Every couple minutes, Ida would see a meandering person stare at her non- human appearance. She was used to this, however. It wasn’t everyday you saw a female with striking good-looks. She looked feminine, in a warrior way. You could tell she was not for the faint hearted; a ruff and tumble kind of person.  Although she didn’t carry any weapons on her, Ida was not one to be messed with.

She walked on and soon came across a wooden building named The Drunken Hog.

“Sounds nice enough.” Ida muttered out loud. She opened the door and walked in, ready for some sleep.

As she ordered a room, she noticed a dark skinned man in a dark cloak watching her. She couldn’t see his eyes, but could tell all the same.

She could have sworn she saw the man smile at her.

Once she had settled into her room, she came back downstairs for some real food, something cooked and tasty. Human food. She sat down at the only empty table at the inn, and began to eat some of her extra-rare steak. The same man that had been watching her walked over and sat across from her. Ida stared at the hooded figure, trying to find the location of his eyes. However, all she could see was his mouth and the tip of his nose. The man then began to talk, his mouth barely moving.

“I follow him as well.” The man whispered so that even Ida could barely hear him.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about.” Ida spat.

“I am talking about redeunt unum, the one you know of as Damien.”

She froze.

“What do you know about Damien?” Ida said, demanding an answer.

“More than you, I can tell you that. However, I can not tell you here. Let us go somewhere more private to continue this conversation, with less prying ears.” he said, looking at each man as if they were assassins.

Ida got up out of her seat, and followed the man, weaving through the numerous tables.

“Where are we going?” Minda whispered.

“To my room, under the cellar,” he whispered back. “it is soundproof and padlocked.”

Ida nodded, and followed him down the stairs. To anyone else, this probably seemed like a stupid idea, to follow a stranger to his room that was sound proof and could lock easily. Ida could tell this man was not out to get her, though. Thank goodness for her animal senses. The man unlocked the trapdoor under their feet and climbed down the ladder. As soon as her feet hit the floor, she sat on the bed and immediately demanded answers.

“What do you know about Damien.” She said

“Well, for one thing, do you know of the story of redit? You may know of it as the legend of Kar.” he said, preparing for her to answer no.

“Yes!” she said, looking offended, “Who hasn’t?”  

“You would be surprised. However, to answer your first question, when Kar died, he let off five fragments of himself scattered across the land. One of these fragments, was named Damien. Damien is-” the man was cut off.

“Damien is part of Kar?!” Ida exclaimed, and only then remembered that they had an inn just above them.

“Take it easy, these walls are almost soundproof, but they still let some noise through. Luckily, they probably couldn’t hear that... Back to the point, Damien is the Kar’s lust for conquest. There are four others. There is Hathem, the madness part of Kar’s personality. Quinntin, Kar’s kindness. Esmond, Kar’s intelligence. Finally, there is Arkam, Kar’s pure evil. All of these, even Quinntin, must be killed if the world is ever to be safe.”

“What happens if all of them are destroyed?” she asked.

“The No-Faces will disappear. As will all other creatures of pure evil, such as the Ekie and Oj.” he said, then noticed the mild confusion on Ida’s face, “You do know of the Ekie, correct?”

“Only the name. I do not know what they are. Please. Do tell.” Ida said, getting comfortable. She knew it was going to be a long conversation, and she was ready to learn.


The End

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