Chapter 2: Ida

She blinked her eyes and meet darkness. No noise, not light. nothing. As if the world had been cut off from her, forced to live in a black abyss of nothing. Over the day, she had heard little snippets of words, passing through her brain only for moments, making her think they were only her imagination. They couldn't be people, not this far out in the forest. She mostly paid attention to the animals, the tracks, the sticks breaking; She had been a wolf for so long, she felt like it may seep into her soul, making her posses the mind of this particular canine, and not human.


She slowly switched back, feeling the snow white fur shrinking.  She was so tired from the many hours of trying to find something to eat, and she had been cast out of her own village that same day. She unrolled her bedroll and crawled inside of it, falling asleep from pure exhaustion. Once again, whispers in the background crept into her ears, warning her and waking her up numerous times. Once, while woken up, she saw, out of the corner of her eyes, a rustle in the bushes. She immediately sprang up, her eyes darting around. She growled unconsciously, feeling as though her ears should be flattening on her head. She bared her teeth at the unseen being.

“I should really stop relying on my wolf form to scare cowards.” Ida thought to herself, forcing down the instinct to bare her teeth and growl.

She jerked her head back and forth, looking for the source of disruption. But as her icy-blue eyes used there superhuman sight, she noticed that there was not only one living thing. but ten-foot tall, four-armed creatures with blade-like arms

Ida knew what these things were. They were No-Faces. Scum, inhabiting childrens tales from the old ages. However, she had never seen one, and she didn’t know if she could fight one, caught off guard with no preperation. Let alone ten coming straight towards her. But  she then noticed someone else. Someone smaller, almost normal sized. By the masculine form, it looked to be a man. The man stood in the middle of the No-faces, looking very important. The man gave off a sense of Evil. Of self-confidence. Maybe a little bit too much self-confidence.

Ida quickly stood up, as the No- Faces came from the bushes. They knew they were no longer hidden from her. And leading them was the man she had seen through the trees.

This man walked with pride, smiling in a fashion that sent shivers down your spine, eyebrows pulled together in a meanicing way. He had white and carefully sharpened teeth, but still human looking and unaffected by cavities and chips. The man had black, spiked up hair that looked like he had a hundred hands pinching groups of it together strait up. His skin was milky pale, shining oddly luminous in the white of the moonlight. His pitch black eyes looked hard and focused, content on killing anybody who stood in his way. He wore a black tuxedo with a purple bow tie. As soon as he saw her look at him, He flashed her an evil grin.

Ida felt fear course through her body as she stared at the man, who was walking towards her calmly. The way he walked looked... familiar. As if she had seen him in a forgotten nightmare.

“My, my. You have grown.” said the man. His voice had a formal, confident, almost mocking voice that went well with his evil appearance. His voice had a slight accent that sounded very dark but humanly. It was smooth and flowed nicely. Like silk passing by her fingertips.

She suddenly shook her head. His voice was dampening her awareness.  Making her less alert. He laughed at her vexed appearance. But she only was confused for a moment.

“Who are you?” Ida demanded.

The man raised his eyebrows in surprise, as if she had just asked if the sky was blue.

“What. You don’t remember me? I’m hurt.” He said, putting a hand to his chest dramatically as if she had wounded his very soul.

“I don’t care for your silly games. Tell me of your name.” Ida demanded once again.

“Oh, but you do. You wonder what I’m talking about. I see it in those eyes of yours. Would you like to listen?” The man said, walking towards her once again.

“Tell me you're name.” She said again.

“My, what a nosey busy body.” He said, turning  his head to look at the no-faces for a sign of an agreement. Of course, the no-faces shown no emotion. He turned his attention back to Ida. She threw daggers at him from her eyes.

“If looks could kill, my friend, I would surely be dead.” He said, grinning ear to ear. “My name is Damien. Quite possibly the greatest evil master mind you’ll ever see. Maybe the last, since you’ve crossed paths with me.”

Ida gulped.

“I’m not the one crossing paths here. I was sleeping before you came along, mind you.” She said angrily.

“Indeed you were. I noticed that. But, you see, my friend, I was looking for you.” Damien said.

“What an honor.” Ida said sarcastically.

“‘What an honor’ is right. We’ve been following you for a long time, girl.”

“Why is that?”

“You dare question me and my reasons? Girl, if you weren't worth something to me, you’d be as dead as a doornail to me. No. I have my reasons that I wish to keep to myself.” Damien said, thrusting his nose in the air as a child would turn away from rotten vegetables.

“What am I worth, Damien? Hm? What makes me so special?” She said, expecting clear answers

“Oh, I think we both know what makes you special, and… different from the rest.” Damien said, causing Ida to catch her breath.

He knows. Minda thought to herself.

“Oh yes. Yes, I know. How could I forget? After all, I've been looking for you since you were a baby. I am different too, as you have noticed.” Damien said.

“What happened when I was a child? Tell me everything!” Ida exclaimed.

Damien just laughed a bone-chilling laugh.

Ida had a sudden burst of anger, thrusting herself straight at the villain. She clung onto his suit and snapped her jaws at Damien’s face. Damien pushed her off, throwing her onto the ground with a loud thwump.

The ten No-Faces started coming at Ida from all directions, raising their arms in a battle cry. Ida suddenly felt her white, long hair growing rapidly, as she formed into a snow white wolf. Her ears immediately flattened against her skull. She bared her teeth and growled, her hair raising to make her look bigger and intimidate the No-Faces.

“WOAH WOAH WOAH!” yelled Damien, throwing his arms in front of Ida.

It was almost like he was protecting her.

“If she wants her answers, we’ll give her answers. Don’t kill her cause she gets a little twitchy. She is valuable.” Damien said. He turned back to Ida. “Go ahead. Ask your questions, girl.”

Minda was confused. Damien, an all evil dark lord, was saving her life. She expected him to sit back and relax as she struggled. Could he have... a good side? She decided to cast the thought aside. Maybe he was playing his own game. she turned back into a human, wanting her questions to be answered.

“I want to know about my family. My parents, to be specific,” Ida said.

“Your mother. I... I... don’t remember that women. Wait. Yes, I remember her. She had… brown hair. You're father left her to work with me for power. Your father was selfish and very cruel. Left you're mother without looking back. He threw her away to never see her again.” Damien said, chuckling as if he were sharing a personal joke with himself.

“How dare you speak so lowly of my father!” She yelled.

She pounced again. But Damien was smart. He sidestepped at the last second, leaving her to fly past him and straight into a No-face. She slammed into its legs, and stumbled up off the ground.  She started backing up fast, tripping over her feet, trying to get off the ground. She got to her feet and started sprinting away from the area. She didn’t have time to grab her makeshift blanket.

“Don’t just stand there, you numbskulls! GET HER!” He screamed, pointing at the now disappearing figure of Ida.

8 of the 10 No-Faces left Damien’s side, crashing through the woods, hot on her trail. She slowly switched to all fours, and began running by the pads of her paws. Her claws gripped into the ground, making her faster than humanly possible. She avoided trees and bushes, using her best vision to maneuver herself through the forest at top notch speed. She could tell the No- Faces would not give up easily, and she could likely have to run for three days non-stop.

But she was Ida. She would not give up. No matter what.


The End

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