This was the collab I was doing oh-so long ago with a dude friend in 8th grade. He gave me the permission to post it on this site. Hope it will be enjoyed by all! :) THIS IS OPEN TO COLLAB WITH ME. COMMENT IF YOU WANT TO!!!!!

In year 1675 of The Imperial Era, there were two empires, and one was losing a war between the two. The losing empire, the Green Empire, was losing every battle they fought against the Dark Horde. The Green Empire, an Empire known for using the powers of mages and sorcerers, was simply not powerful enough to kill the dark and twisted creatures created by the leader of the Dark Horde, Kar. They finally resorted to a dark magic, known at the Tumj-Nan, to make sure that they would not be destroyed by Kar. The Tumj-Nan was an ancient power used to split up the very soul of a person into so many pieces, every piece would be as powerful as a vegetable, their minds becoming playdo for the Green Empire. However, when they challenged Kar to a duel, he was too powerful for even five-hundred of the famous wizards to defeat. He killed them by the handful while they continued to chant the same chant over and over. By the time they were all dead, they had only finished a quarter of the chant, that was to activate the Tumj-Nan spell. But that was enough. That night, while Kar was going to sleep, he felt a great pain, as if he were being ripped apart. He split into five fragments. His thirst for conquest, Damien. His raving madness, Hathem. His kindness, Quinntin. His intelligence, Esmond. And finally, his pure evil. Arkam. These parts were spread across the land, and all disappeared into hidden lands, their locations unknown. Kar's empire dispersed and vanished, making many smaller countries, and peace thrived. However, the time of peace is disappearing, just as the fragments of Kar began re-appearing. If these fragments were allowed to mix, Kar would be reborn. Along with his armies, and chaos...

The End

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