Chapter One: Misunderstood

"Have you ever found yourself in a situation where you're stuck between expulsion and the ability to go to another school, but you had no choice and were expelled to that school? I have. It wasn't the greatest experience, especially with your mom and dad agreeing with the principle ignoring your opinion. I just hope this new school doesn't chew me like my last one did.." The boy sighed as he cringed. "Just watch her.. please?" He pleaded, his forehead in his knee's.

This is the story of a boy names Jason Clarson. He's a simple, kind hearted, lonely high school boy that often blended in the shadows of those around him that were his classmates. The school he went to was rather ghetto, having a bunch of hookers, gangsters, drug dealers and other gang related entities within the system along with a principle who use to be a drug lord. Jason tried his best to never become noticed, such as waiting until the crowds in the hall emptied down, keeping his head down when walking and even hiding behind teachers while they roamed the halls. Due to all of the difficulties in school and no actual learning going on his grades suffer, even if he turns in the work it is thrown away or graded poorly. Home life is just as bad though, since his parents had him at such a young age, all they do is go out and party, while he is the only one there that takes care of his 5 year old sister, Melanie.

"Melanie.. did mommy ever wash your clothes from last week?" He asked her as he picked up her dirty clothes and some of her toys to put them to the side. 

"Nyo.. Mommy and Daddy went to a fwiends. Dey wont be back for a while.." She sounded sick with a horse voice, probably because of the living conditions. 

Jason had to clean house all the time and learn to cook, since his parents only cooked everything with alcohol and other unhealthy substances for children. He always took care of her after she was born really. Having to grow up to be a house wife was his number one duty ever since he was old enough to take care of his little sister. It was around 9:35 p.m. when Jason finished cleaning and giving Melanie some medicine to help with her throat when he heard the door opening and the sound of loud people entering the home. 

"Stay here Melanie. Use these and go to sleep." He said as he handed her his Ipod and some ear buds. He always let her use his things more than he ever did. 

"Thank you.. be careful big bwo.." She sounded scared, her dark brown hair hiding her eyes. 

He nodded to her as he cleared her forehead of hair and kissed it with a loving press. Jason rubbed her head and left as she put the buds on and put the music on, knowing things were going to go down. Jason walks into the living room to see the two people called parents drinking and being all lovey on the couch. When he walked in, the father stood up and patted Jason's head. It was sticky with something that made Jason shiver in disgust. 

"Heeeeeeey little buddy. You gon' take care of the house when we gon'. You good a kid." The fater obviously had lost a lot of sense of words. He then grips Jason's hair and pulls him up, bringing his ear to mouth level, "You gon' get me another bear for yer mum and I alright? We wanna get wasted and have a fun night." He told Jason. 

"Yeeh, get us something laced in tons of fun things, alright? I wanna feel the love~" The mother sounded just as gone, her clothes somewhat ruffled and looked forcefully moved. 

"Dad.. Mom.. Can't you just ta-" As he spoke back his dads fist went across Jason's cheek, knocking him into a wall and onto the floor. He grit in pain as he laid there. 

"Who the HELL said you could talk back. Useless boy." His father growled as he walked and got the beer himself, kicking Jason on the way out and back. "Go to your room, before I knock you silly twice." The father spoke, the mother encouraging it by making him flex his arm. 

Jason simply nodded and went to his little sisters room, taking the torn up and spare blanket he always used and left to his room, the floor. His things were confiscated thanks to his grades being bad to the point of only having a floor. He laid down on that floor he called a bed and passed out from aching pain. It was the next morning, Jason woke up with a bandage on his cheek and his little sister asleep with him on the side. He held her closely, knowing she was the only one who actually cared for him like he cared for her. After waking back up to their mother and father arguing, Jason takes his sister back to her room and lays her in bed with her blanket. He let her use his Ipod to stay asleep as he went out and showered to get ready for school today. 

"Hey boy! How are your grades in school?" Asked the parents, but then the mother decided to be smart about it to not hear the stupid story of his again. 

"I bet he's doing worse. If you wanna continue living here, you're gonna have to step it up a bit, you here? We ain't got the money to feed you and us alone." The mother spoke, showing how empty her wallet was. 

"Maybe if you guys didn't spend your paychecks on alcohol and parties you could feed your kids properly." Jason spoke up bluntly, taking the wallet and handing it to her. When he did he received a slap to the face, the other cheek at that.  

"How dare you! I hope you move out today, or I will make you!" She said as the mother left outside, waiting for the father. The father shook his head, threw some bread at him and left with the wife. 

Jason simply looked down and grabbed his glasses. Whenever he was younger, he was beat up a lot and was never shown remorse for it. He was beaten on the back of the head and in the face a lot, so his vision is knocked out in a way, becoming near sighted. He went to wake up his little sister, seeing that she was already up. 

"Goodmorning big bwo!~" She sounded excited to see him, but her happy expression faded as his other cheek was red with a palm mark. "Big bwo.." She gently ran over to him and brought him down for a hug. He hugged her back and patted her head. 

"Lemme take you to school today." He told her as he was fixing his glasses since they were actually somewhat broken. He had to tape the temple back to the hinge since it was missing a screw, and his father punching him last night broke it off completely. 

Jason and Melanie left the house that was their home and walked her to the elementary school all across town, not caring he would be late for classes. The elementary school was a beautiful environment that had actual teachers and a real principle. When he got to Melanie's school he asked for her homeroom teacher, Ms. Kirin. 

"Yes Jason? What is it?" She asked him in a polite manner as a teacher should. Some of the kids watched what was going on, but she closed the door so they could be properly alone. 

"Could I possibly get your number? I would like to check on Melanie today and I know you are her only teacher she knows." He told her. He took his phone out, a touch screen with his sister as a background image. 

"Ummm.. Okay. Here you go." She reluctantly handed her phone over to him as he exchanged the numbers. When he was finished he handed her phone back to Ms. Kirin. 

"Thank you.. Please answer the moment I call, alright? I would hate to leave you multiple calls." He told her as he waved bye and left the school to walk to his. 

Jason had a heavy heart, as if something really bad was going to happen at his school today. He would walk past the old convenient store for a shortcut to his school and end up there in a shorter amount of time than normal thanks to it. When he got inside the school, he was met with two girls and cholo. 

"Ehyo man, were you going?" The Cholo asked, the two girls simply looking at Jaon with a lifeless stare. 

Jason swallowed and simply looked at them, "Just heading to class." He said as he began walking to the stairs, but then he was suddenly pushed to the side. 

"Ehyo punk, I ain't done talkin'. What wit yo attitude today you got somethin' to say homie?" He asked Jason, one hand on his pants to keep them up while the other held Jason by the collar. 

"Hey.. I don't want trouble.. just please let me go and I'll not bother you again." Jason said as he tried his best to get free, but the cholo had been working out lately and had a heavy grip. 

"Yo you a spineless baby no? Need a wittle bweast miwwwk? Ai! Com' give this baby some milk eh?" The Cholo called over the girls as he stepped to the side. 

The two girls started taking Jason's hands and making him grope their breasts. He cried out to make them stop, but the only one to come to his aid was the principle of the school. 

"STOP THIS." He yelled as the Cholo and the girls backed off while the principle helped up Jason. "What is all this?" He asked. 

"Yo, this guy started feelin' up on these girls right? I tell him to cut it out, but he a machine man." The Cholo spoke. Jason did not take lightly to that. 

"You liar! I would never touch something so revolting in my life!" He spoke aloud for the first time. The principle took Jason and put him in his office for a few moments. 

The principle looked at Jason as he was on the phone, but then turned away to talk for a few moments. After he was done, he hung up the phone and looked back at Jason. Jason seemed a little lost, unable to think as to what he was in here for. 

"Umm.. Why am I in here?" Jason asked. He couldn't help but feel like he was going to be called out for yelling, or even calling those things you call girls girls. When the principle finally sighed, he turned to him and sat in his chair. 

"I am having you expelled from this school. That is my final decision for you." Is all he said. The words of the principle were absolute, so if that is what he has in wish for Jason, then he cannot deny it. 

He couldn't quite understand what was going on, but his parents suddenly came in and sat down around him. It was explained that I was being expelled due to doing 'cruel activities' during the middle of class. His parents never looked at him so disappointed and disgusted, leaving him the minute the principle was done speaking. After his grades were dropped, Jason was stuck outside his own home, kicked out with a couple of bags full of his things. Jason pulled one last card from his sleeve before he decided to give up, getting his parents to forcefully beat him as he had the police on the phone. When the cops came and took his parents away for abuse of child or children and other charges, Jason called the Ms. Kirin. She answered while they kids were asleep. 

"Hello? Jason was it? Why do you call me?" She asked, confused as to why he would cal so early. From the sounds of it, an accident happened in the background. 

"C-Could you take care of Melanie..? I'm-m-m-m homeless.." He told her as he was being treated for his wounds he received. He had taken a harsh beating, for this was no ordinary everyday at home thing. 

"I don't quite understand.." Kirin didn't really know what he meant, so he had to put it to her in a story. 

"Have you ever found yourself in a situation where you're stuck between expulsion and the ability to go to another school, but you had no choice and were expelled to that school? I have. It wasn't the greatest experience, especially with your mom and dad agreeing with the principle ignoring your opinion. I just hope this new school doesn't chew me like my last one did.." The boy sighed as he cringed. "Just watch Melanie.. please?" He pleaded, his forehead in his knee's.

The sound of the phone dying could be heard as it suddenly hung up. Ms. Kirin looked at Melanie and sighed, rubbing her head gently and hoping that she be able to understand the situation. Jason was on the bus to London to his new school, the house they possessed was occupied and taken away. Jason was on his way to becoming a transfer student for a new school he has no info over. It would be a few hundred miles, so the only thing Jason did was hug and say goodbye to his little sister. When the bus left, all Jason could do was cry as he had to leave his family behind. 

Chapter 1 End. 

The End

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