The Tale of Brunewicks

It's well-known that The Forest is cursed. The Elements are striking. Animals are dying, people are vanishing, vast areas of trees burn with no explanation.
The residents of The Forest are depending on one; his name is Brunewicks and he watches from above. Those lucky enough to meet are those unlucky enough to fall victim to the Elements.

                  He is watching.


                 In the black shadows of the mountain, through the haze of heavy winter Rain and the thin whisps of smoky-grey cloud, two blood-red eyes glow like burning coal, projecting their vision far across the land.

                 His breath is warm as it hits the outside Air. It curls from his protruding nostrils, trails of heavy grey smoke lifting towards the roof of the damp but sheltered cave.

                 The howling of the Wind increases; it cascades into the rocks of the mountain, making the hard ground beneath his curled-up form rumble. A little precipitation bounces against the rocks and through the entrance of the cave, sprinkling in face with a cool shower.

                 He throws back his giant head in annoyance. The Elements are his enemies when they are at their most uncontrollable. And so far he has found no method of preventing this awful Rain from falling out of the sky, or breaking the huge waves of Air while they reek havoc across his land, across The Forest.

                His massive eyelids are falling. He again lifts his head, shaking the sleep away. He must resist the pull of slumber; at least until the storm gives up.

               Over the roar of the Wind and the shattering sounds of the Rain, one more sound breaks through. A squeal. A throaty wailing carried on the Wind.

              Though he has no ears, his hearing is sharp beneath his flesh. In a second he's crouched steadily on all four thick, webbed feet. Crawling forward and climbing the damp, slippery rocks to his gap, he listens. More wailing. Somewhere, the vulnerable animal is falling victim to the Wind and Rain.

              He opens his mouth, and from his giant throat rips a roar of triumph. The Elements are trying to drown out this creature's cries, but they will not succeed; not this night. His bellow echoes over The Forest like a roll of thunder.

              Spreading his fantastic, bat-like wings, and flexing his strong hind legs, kicks away from the mountain. His wings cut through the Wind and Rain as though they are two giant knives.

              Brunewicks soars.             

The End

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