Return Of A Lost Soul

The journal slammed shut as Howard finshed off the final line. He could feel himself grinning from ear to ear. He had really enjoyed reading that. Engaging, interesting and fun; that is what a story should be like. He put the journal in his back pocket and rejoined the group to assist in the final level of Doodle Eurofighter on Aaron's iPhone 6G.


Howard rapped on the door quite hard and he thought to himself for a second. He was interested to see if this was the right person. The door swung open and out came a small child. She looked no older than five, and was rather timid. She seemed intimidated by his presence.

"Err, hi, can I see your mum, please?" He tried to put on a sincere grin, only to realise he looked like a paedophile.
"Mummy, some person's here to see you!" She remained shy still. The mother appeared and smiled politely.
"Hi! Who are you then?" She seemed pleasant enough.
"Err, hello, I'm Howard McTally, are you Julie McCreath by any chance?" Howard shuffled awkwardly on his heels, trying not to seem too intrusive.
"Yes, that's me! So, what are you here for, Howard?" She leaned forward to hear him better.
"Well, I found this while I was away camping with my pals. It's a journal, addressed to you." He picked the journal out of his back pocket. "I thought you might want it back."
She grinned even more. "Aw, thank you! I will remember to read this again. Do you want to come in for a coffee?"
"No thank you, I'm alright. Thanks, goodbye." Howard began to walk back down the street, pleased that he had enlightened someone with something they had lost. He felt like a detective that had solved a case.

After she closed the door, Julie looked at the blackened old journal, and walked back to her living room and sat down on a couch. Her offspring kept tugging at her hand, asking her what the mystic black object was. She flicked through the pages and started to feel the memories of her teenage years flood back. She felt a tear run down her face as she remembered all the fun times. 'Oh, how the passage of time ruins your memories', she thought. 'It's nice to remember that day again.'

The End

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