Satanic Son Of A Duck

Getting into the cave-island thing was a relief, as the weather outside had turned to super-annoying light drizzle. The cave itself was dark, very dark, so we had to use our phones as flashlights to see into the nooks and crannies of the place. It was obvious the British army had just abandoned the place outright, with crates of military ammunition lying unused, waiting patiently to be loaded and fired. Once the army had left, that chance soon faded to nought. Their fate was sealed; never to be used, it would remain silent in the cave. It was pretty poignant, to be perfectly honest.

The next thing that hit me was the pungent smell all around us. Either the effects of hydrocyanide bombs were toxic rather than explosive, or someone had had an accident. I decided not to investigate further, settling for the first option. Roy then opened his mouth and started yapping mindlessly, thanks to a freshly recieved text from his friend, Alex:

"Hey Roy, I have some fascinating information on the hydrocyanide bombs you were wittering on about. Apparantly, the effect they would have would be more of a acidic nature rather than of explosive, coating vast areas in the acid cyanide, killing all life that it came into contact with, but leaving any buildings it hit intact.  What this means is that if we dropped it, it would effectively allow Germany to be repopulated by Brits. However, projected effects can also allow for... err... mutations. Anyway, enjoy yourself."

How, in the name of Christ, I remember all of that is beyond me, but it certainly put me back on edge. Mutations? HELP! What sort of 'mutations'? Rather than creep myself out with all sorts of morbid fantasys, I continue further into the cave.

As we got further into the cave's jaws, we began to hear squaks and quacks. Ducks? Swans? Hmm... mutations. Hopefully not. The racket intensified as we walked further through the cave's catacombs. Then I could see a green-ish glow off in the near distance. Curiousity got the better of me, and I dragged Roy with me towards the source of the glow. The noises got louder still.

We were nearly at the source of the glow when, of all things in the world I would expect to see, I saw the least expected thing. Ducks swimming in a glowing green pond. I almost rubbed my eyes in disbelief, pondering whether what I was seeing was real. Then one duck, almost certainly the alpha male, spotted us and charged us. It seemed harmless enough, I was only expecting a swift nip on the ankle. Then, it opened its beak, and out sprouted a little mini-mouth, dribbling acid and snapping. It was like the satanic son of a duck and the Alien out of the Alien movies. In a panic, I attempted to volley it away. My foot connected hard with the duck's head, and the whole head tore off, neck included, and shot backwards into the pond, leaving the duck's body spurting acid, burning away the stone floor. For a moment, I felt puke rising in my throat, but not before Roy snatched me and rocketed back out of the cave, with an army of Alien ducks in hot pursuit.

In sheer panic, Roy forgot to notice the Army stockpile. In the stockpile lay controlled explosives, which I could tell by the fact Alex had an EXPANSIVE knowledge of Army stuff. Kind of creepy, but useful now. I grabbed what looked like a parcel and a stick with a button on it, and planted the parcel (now I rememer the name - C4!) and ran like hell to avoid being hit by the blast. By now, the evil ducks were near, but still inside. I pushed the button on the stick thingy, and a huge explosion blew the whole cave to Kingdom Come. They wouldn't be coming back. And we wouldn't be coming back here soon either. That was far too scary.

The End

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