Calm Before the Storm

Right, today is the day Roy and I go to "The Lake Of Blood" and find out what lies within the little island/cave at the middle of the lake. I can't describe how nervous I am, because there simply isn't a big enough word to cram in the full feeling. I feel slightly scared, nervous, excited, intrigued and frightened... all at the same time.

Roy got us a bus up to the nearest town of Mackilloch Waters, and we walked the rest of the way, with Roy carrying an inflatable dinghy with him under his arm. He looked like a total tool on the bus, like a mentalist, and to be honest, people thought we were mentalists. We told them where we were going, and the older people we told widened their eyes and told us, in gruff and authoritive voices, "If you two go up there, you will not come back. Simple as that."

I started to sweat a little at the thought of what could be up there. What could be up there? It boggles the mind, and honestly, I had better things to worry about, like attempting to climb a muddy hill in my best clothing. It had rained last night, and the hill had became slippery. Stupid, unpredictable, Scottish weather. And I faced climbing them in shoes suited to anything BUT hill-climbing.

Every so often, Roy would stop and say, "Julie, stop moaning, you big wimp," and every time, I would scowl at him and progress would continue, but we made it. Sure, my jeans were slicked with wet mud, and my hands were layered in mud so contaminated I could feel the wrongness radiating off it, but we had indeed conquered the hill. Now all that was needed was to conquer the lake wth the dinghy.

The dinghy had two nozzles, which made blowing it up by hand so much easier. Faster than you could say, "keep blowing, you big jessie", the dinghy was full of air and ready to go. We pushed the raft onto the water and hopped in, where we discovered our first problem; the seals were faulty. If we weren't quick, we would be up to our necks in water and fish guts. Not a funny fate at all! Seriously, fish guts are DISGUSTING! Turns out Home Economics and Biology warps your mind in unbelievable ways.

As I furiously attempted to row the raft along the red sea, Roy sat doing nothing, proceeding to pull out a sandwich and eat it. He is one tenacious little fool, and a daft one to boot, as he laid back and relaxed on the boat, watching me flail wildly in an attempt to save us from the fish blood.

Thankfully, we reached the other side in one piece, and I slapped Roy on the back of the head. He turned and said in a pained voice:

"Ow, what was that for?"
"Not helping me on the boat! What else?" I retorted.
"Well, I did all the blowing in blowing up the boat, and you were so slow climbing the hill", he said, confidence restored
"Shut up. Let just go and see what's in here." We entered the cave-island and searched for stuff of interest.

The End

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