Bad Dreams and BrothersMature

    “How was the white room? I heard you got city duty,” Tyler mocks me, in my bedroom, although I wish he would respect my privacy he is my brother, and after all it’s what brothers do


“Yea, Mark and I got city duty, they said the R.A.B.M is killing T.N.R.A , I don’t understand how though, we’re advanced in strength, speed, and smarts,” I will never understand how Terrorists could kill of the most powerful of people, and that is us


“Gorilla tactics Claire, they sneak up on them, they’re very organized,” I roll my eyes


“No, we just let our guards up,” Tyler ruffles my hair with his hand that I quickly smack away


“Tyler I’m really tired, could you please just leave it alone? I have to wake up tomorrow at four AM for City watch, I’m going to bed,” I shove Tyler out of the way and make my way to my room, pulling myself out of my clothes, and put on a Silver nightgown, doing my nighttime routine which consists of Brush hair, put hair in ponytail, brush teeth, floss teeth, and wash face. It takes about 30 minutes to complete everything, until I hop onto my bed, and pick up a stuffed monkey I’ve had since I was 9


“I wonder who I’ll kill tomorrow Pan,” I say to him, I named him pan due to my slight obsession with the classic Peter Pan that was made hundreds of years ago, I receive no verbal answer from Pan but I could imagine what he’s saying Maybe you’ll kill another R.A.B.M and be a hero again! I roll my eyes at the humor I have given to Pan


“Very funny,” I whisper as I clutch Pan into my arms and roll over closing my eyes and drifting off into the darkness


“No!” I scream as I shove around Adam’s lifeless body, he’s my brother he couldn’t leave me now


“No!” I scream again, his short black hair dirty and crust with dried blood

    “NO!” This scream was more for myself than Adam, I turn my body angrily to Devon who is holding the gun, which was holding the bullet just used to kill my brother


“I hate you!” I Scream at him at the same time I lunge forward balling my hands into fists and hitting him over and over again on the chest, Devon doesn’t even fight back, he drops the gun and bores his Green eyes into mine, his blonde curly hair dropping slightly over his forehead


“I hate you, I hate you, I hate you!” I never thought these words would come out of my mouth, towards Devon, towards MY Devon


“Hanna,” He whispers, my hand collides with his cheek, and then I see his hand raise and he touches his cheek where I have struck him.


“That’s my brother! Why? How could you do this to me?” I continue pounding my fists against his chest, but I am stopped as I feel his hands squeeze around my wrists shoving me off of him in the most gentle way he could, which wasn’t gentle at all,


“Hanna!” He roars his voice loud and angry, I instantly quiet and freeze out of fear  


“Hanna!” He roars again, I put my head down to greet my feet covered in black boots, I squeeze my eyes shut as I feel Devon’s hand grab my chin and turn it up to face him


“Hanna look at me,” He demands, I don’t look at him


“Look at me!” He shouts, his voice harsh, I open my eyes to feel the tears fall down freely, his green eyes show me no emotion, none that I can easily see.   


“Hanna, he was erased,” Devon begins, I try to block out his words, I don’t want to know what he has to say, I don’t ever want to hear his voice again, I don’t ever want to see his face again.


“He was trying to kill you!”  Devon screams, but I try to pull away from him


“Did you want me to let him kill you? That wasn’t your brother anymore Hanna! He was one of them! He doesn’t love you any more! All he loves is the thought of snapping your pretty little neck!” I realize, everything Devon says is true, that wasn’t my brother, he was just a body who replaced all of my brothers memories with new ones. He has a new family now, a new life, he was trying to kill me, he was erased, he was a T.N.R.A there was nothing we could do, really.


“I’m sorry,” I say to Devon hugging him tightly, his tall figure towering over me in the hug, my short 5”2” figure reaching just a little bit above his chest


“I’m sorry I had to do that Hanna,” I shake my head in the hug


“There’s no need to be sorry, I just, If I ever get erased, please kill me,” Devon chuckles, and his answer shouldn’t surprise me but it does, it makes me feel uneasy as he says

    “Don’t worry, if you became one of them, letting you live wouldn’t be an option,” I shudder at his words, but I guess it’s truly for the best, if I am erased, he puts a bullet in my head, I can only hope my death would be that lenient.

The End

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