How I live now.Mature

After multiple procedures, I was able to regain my memory of who I was, I remembered my Mom and my Dad and my older brother, I was able to begin my training for T.N.R.A shortly after, which is a good thing due to the high rate of Terrorist attacks from the R.A.B.M. I’ve only killed about 30 people in the 6 months I’ve been 17, before that it was all training from 15 to 17. I glance over at my clock, it’s already 5:30 AM

    “Crap!” I exclaim, if I don’t hurry up I will be late for my first class. I hop quickly out of my comfortable bed, admiring the plain white walls. I walk to my closet opening it to get out a white T-shirt and black jeans, and walk out of my room, our apartment inside the larger building for all T.N.R.A is normal sized, I walk into our kitchen and smile at my Mom and Dad and my brother Tyler who is also a T.N.R.A only he’s been 17 for 3 years now


“Good morning,” I greet them, my Mom smiles at me, my Dad doesn’t look up from his newspaper , on the cover of the Newspaper I can see the title “R.A.B.M Terrorists pose major threat to cities safety,” My Dad places the newspaper down on the table just as I grab an apple from the center


“dangerous thing there terrorists, you and your brother are doing a good thing killing them off,” I don’t answer him, neither does Tyler, I look down at my wrist for a moment smiling at the code, on each T.N.R.A they tattoo codes on our wrists allowing us to get around the city without paying for things when we’re on our assignments, it also proves us to be of an authority figure while out in the city. The T.N.R.A building is a Government building which is very large, much like a College Campus, the T.N.R.A families live there together, following a routine each day


“You better get going Claire, your first class starts shortly,” I smile taking one last bite of my apple and exiting my seat at the table, walking towards the door to the corridors, there is no need to carry anything, everything we need is supplied for us.

In the corridor walking along I pass many familiar faces, workers and T.N.R.A as well, I finally reach my first classroom, I open the room to find my classmates, when I say this is a classroom, it is, but we don’t learn much, that was our two years of training, now when we come here, we are assigned a new target for us to kill, I’m the top ranking in my class, we go on some group assignments when we are targeting a large group. Not that we need to help, when we each get assigned one target, we are allowed to kill anybody who stands in the way of the mission and we have on rule, if the intended target is not killed, we can’t return back to our T.N.R.A base. And we never abort a mission.


“Good morning everybody,” our teacher Mr. Whiteman greets us, his short gray hair sticking every which way, and his white uniform all the worker wear smudged with what I’m guessing was his breakfast,


“We have a long day ahead of us, no need to sit down, but would somebody please tell me the three four letter words that aren’t real?” He asks, everybody including myself raise their hand, he points to me,

    “We never fear we never love and we never care,” Mr. Whiteman smiles at me


“Exactly, and could somebody please tell me why we abide by these three four letter words?” Again I raise my hand


“Yes Claire?” I clear my throat


“Because our job as a T.N.R.A is to kill our intended target, and all of these things could conflict with our job as assassins,” Mr.Whiteman nods his head


“Exactly, now I would like everybody to pick your partners, we are going on a two team assignments,” My head quickly turns to my “friend” if you could call him that, he is my equantence, his name is Mark short blonde hair, he smiles and nods at me, and I make my way towards him


“You think we’re gonna get the harder ones?” He asks, he only asks me because him and I are truly the best at what we do, which is killing people. I might be a little better than him, but all-in-all we’re the best


“He always does,”  as if on que mine and Mark’s name is being called to the white room, the white room is much like an interrogation room at a police station, only white and when you’re inside you’re not being interrogated. Mark and I both walk inside the white room, and sit down in front of a silver table with two silver chairs, Mr.May who we call the ‘Questioner’ sits in front of us


“So, Mark and Claire, the famous two teaming up again are we?” He asks us in his very intimidating voice, both of us nod


“Very well, I have decided not to give you two a target,” my mouth falls open, how could he not give us a target? We’re the best out of the entire T.N.R.A


“What, Sir?” Mark questions before I get a chance to


“Well, as you know the R.A.B.M terrorists are posing a major threat to our safety,” I nod my head as indication I understand, Mark does the same


“They have been killing some of the T.N.R.A that work to protect the streets in brutal ways, you two are the best we know, we need you to go to the streets and protect the citizens along with the other T.N.R.A, make sure you kill anybody you think may be involved with R.A.B.M,” I don’t hesitate to answer


“Of course sir, when do we start this assignment?”


“First thing in the morning,”

The End

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