Dreams or memories?Mature

“Stop!” The voice yells to me, it’s a Male voice that is very familiar to my ears


“Hanna stop!” At the sound of my name I stop struggling instantly, the light from the corridor illuminating my eyes, I look before me, and see a man nobody thought they would ever see again, Devons Dad, Jim, as soon as I see him I engulf him in a hug


“Jim!” I shout tears of relief and joy falling from my eyes


“Devon, they took Devon you need to help him!” Jim rubs his hand in circles on my back trying to soothe me


“It’s okay, Devon is safe, he’s safe,” I hug him tighter


“Come on, lets go downstairs and get you somewhere safe,” I agree happily and follow him downstairs, I freeze as we reach the living room, blood splattered on the walls and a puddle on the floor, there is a lifeless body on the floor but it isn’t Devons it is a man dressed in white, one of the takers.


“Now!” I hear Jim shout, my eyes widen, as the front door bursts open and Katherine walks through the door with more of the Takers,


“No!” I scream, I can’t see him, but I can hear Devon’s voice calling my name and yelling profanities to the takers, and his Mother and Father, but that man, Jim, isn’t Jim anymore. I should have known, Jim was erased.

    I wake up gasping for air covered in cold sweat. It was strange, I’ve had dreams before, but never a dream like that, that dream seemed too much like a memory, which is ridiculous because I have memories, none of which like that. I wish I could have seen the boys face, I saw everything, his curly blonde covered hair, his tall frame, built figure and Emerald eyes, but not his face. I know it couldn’t be a memory because he called me Hanna, my name isn’t Hanna it’s Claire, and name my parents Regina and Michael gave to me when I was born. I’m lucky to be alive really, I almost died I remember it like it was yesterday even though it was a little over two years ago

    I open my eyes to a bright light, where am I? Who am I? I am laying on something soft, that is very familiar but I can’t say for sure I’ve been here before. I turn my head to look around, I’m lying in a room that is all white with no windows, and a wooden door closed. I’m lying on a small white Cott, next to me is a tray on top, a green substance that is see-through and square shaped. I’m not sure what it’s called, next to its something I remember as being called a spoon. I lift my hands up and examine them I bring them to my face and down to my neck, I feel a small bandage on my shoulder, I am wearing a white nightgown, and my hair I can see is long and blonde, who am I?

    I snap my head to the direction of the door  and hear  it open and close, a man dressed head to toe in white walks in, I recognize him as a doctor, he walks over to me and places his hand on my arm, I flinch away


“Don’t worry Claire, my name is Dr. Heart, you were in an accident, do you remember?” He asks looking at me, I shake my head


“I don’t remember anything,” He sighs and pulls out some paper work


“Alright Claire, well we’ll take you through some routine things trying to regain your memory, luckily this is the 3000’s and we have very advanced technology,” I nod my head


“That will be nice,” I say, so my name is Claire, at least that’s one thing I know


“H-how old am I?” I ask Dr. Heart nervously, for some reason afraid of the answer


“You’re Fifteen Claire, very lucky to have survived Claire,”

The End

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