Dreams or memories?Mature

“Hanna,” I am torn out of my thoughts harshly at Devon’s voice

    “Yea?” I ask him, he doesn’t answer me but I understand what he’s telling me, they are here. I hear the sound of doors crashing open from downstairs and the sound of heavy footsteps searching the house. I can picture it now, the men in the white suits searching the house holding large guns and tasers, just waiting to get their hands on us.

    “Hanna,” I feel Devon pull me off of him, and he stands up, crouching so he doesn’t hit his head on the low roof

    “What are you doing Devon?” I ask worried

    “Don’t worry, I’m going to let them take me, pretend like you got away,” I gasp

    “What? NO!” Devon chuckles, he always tends to laugh in bad situations,

    “Don’t worry, I’ll get away from them, you know that, I can kill them off easily without a weapon, and you know the scientists are the least bit experienced when it comes to fighting. I promise, I won’t let them erase me, or you,” I believe every word Devon says, I know they would never let them erase me, and he would never let them erase him either. I’ve been 15 for a little over 3 months, Devon is 16, he has been for nearly a year, he’ll be turning 17 tomorrow, I guess that’s why they need us now. Well need him now, before he turns 17.

    “When they take me and the coast is clear, I want you to get out of here, and run, run like there’s no tomorrow, because if you don’t run, there won’t be,” I shudder at his words because I know they’re true

    “Okay, Devon,” I reluctantly agree, I feel him turn to face me and I can’t see his face, but I can see his Emerald eyes and his curly blonde hair, his lips press onto mine, and move in sync for a short moment until he pulls away, the kiss, they have always been rough and passionate like this, but this feels different, as if we’re kissing like this is the last time we’ll ever see each other, or see each other as ourselves.

    “I love you Hanna,” Devon exclaims breathlessly I whisper my answer back

    “I love you too, Devon,” He pulls away from me, and the door opens I see Devon’s backside and the door closes again placing me in the darkness, only this time without Devon to comfort me, I hear shouting from downstairs, and I hear his Moms all-too-familiar-voice

    “Devon honey! I’m so sorry, these men, they’ve found you!” his Mother exclaims, her voice sounding way too forced for my liking, Devons next words are like Venom

    “Save it Mother, I know you’re working for the T.N.R.A, but don’t you worry, Hanna is long gone,” There is a loud smack, and the sound I think is of Katherine smacking Devon, something I have seen her do only once, when Devon really deserved it.

    “How could you?” Katherine screams at her son “We needed her!” I feel another smack, but this one is a little different, it doesn’t sound the same as the first, did Devon hit Katherine? His own Mother? Well as much as a Mother a traitor could be.   

    “You don’t need her! You want to erase her! And then what, if she doesn’t take well to the chemicals you put inside her, you’ll kill her! I’m sorry Mother but I couldn’t let that happen!” Tears are freely falling down my face now, I am too focused on listening in on what is happening downstairs to wipe them away

    “How long have you known?” Katherine questions Devon

    “Long enough to know how pathetic you are,” Another slap, Katherine struck Devon, another slap, Devon struck Katherine

    “Enough!” This voice is unfamiliar to me, if must be one of the T.N.R.A takers,

    “Just get the boy and lets go, we’ll find the girl eventually,” there is a small struggle, but I can tell Devon is giving himself up easily to the men, so they don’t find me, a few swear words are said before a door swings open and shut, there is no more fuss from downstairs, I am about to leave when I hear footsteps trailing the staircase, maybe Devon got away? No, they had guns it’s impossible, the footsteps get closer, and I hold my breath, the footsteps stop in front of the door. My face turns pale from the lack of air I have been allowing myself, I loud out a large gasp and the door flies open just as I do so, I let out a scream, as strong arms grab grab my shoulders

The End

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