Dreams or Memories?Mature

The only way you can keep your kid out of the hands of the T.N.R.A is their age, whether you work with or for the Government, you have information on the R.A.M.B or you have enough money to give the Government. They begin taking kids at the age of 15, they train them and advance them until they are 17, that is when their body stops aging and stays in that form until they die. Once they turn 17 if the Government thinks they aren’t strong enough they are disposed of, that’s why they need so many kids, because only a few turn out the way the Government planned. They also don’t take kids born within the months of July-September, lucky for Devon and I we’re both born in October, note my sarcasm.

    The R.A.B.M is called “Rogue assassins working in the black market,” because the Government makes them out to be terrorists that our out to kill the people. That’s not at all what they are, the R.A.M.B are normal people, without genetically engineered abilities that become assassins of their own, working on Destroying the Government and freeing the Kids recruited for the T.N.R.A or stopping the Government Program. The R.A.B.M works in an underground facility the Government has never been able to find called the “Black Market,” there are multiple of them throughout the world that has a curupted system like ours, which is everywhere. Parents who have lost their children to the T.N.R.A sometimes come seeking the R.A.B.M offering whatever they can to have them try to find and rescue their kids. The R.A.B.M does but on one condition, the parents must agree if their child or loved one has been already erased by the T.N.R.A the R.A.B.M can kill them, because once your erased, you have no memory of who you were, and the only thing you know how to do, is kill.

The End

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