Dreams or memories?Mature

“You’re just trying to make me forget about what you’re not telling me... so spill it,” I demand, Devon sighs

    “Fine, They’re coming for us,” The minute he says this I stop breathing, it’s impossible, we’re hidden in his Moms house, a house that has been off the radar ever since the T.N.R.A started..


“But Devon, this is your Moms house, it doesn’t exist according to them, how could they know?” I ask Devon hoping he’ll tell me the answer


“My Mother, is a filthy traitor,” I gasp, his mother? A traitor? She couldn’t have... could she?


“She’s been working for the T.N.R.A for nearly 3 months now, we’re lucky I found out before we were taken,” Katherine, Devon’s own flesh and blood would do this to us? To him, her own Son?


“She left this morning and when she did, I went into her office, looking for nothing particular, and then I found it. I found the list of all the missing kids thrown away in her trash can, she’s working for T.N.R.A” My mouth falls agape, I’ve known Katherine all my life, she’s the sweetest person I know, Devon must have made some mistake, she could be working for the R.A.B.M


“And then I looked more in her office because I didn’t think my Mom could do such a thing, and I found it, I found her work form for the T.N.R.A, then I found the list of kids who have yet to be taken,” Devon must be thinking irrationally, his Mother Katherine, she could never do this, she just couldn’t   


“Our names were right at the top, and in the check mark section where it says ‘whereabouts known or unknown,’ she checked known. They are coming for us Hanna,” if Katherine was working for the T.N.R.A why didn’t she turn us in already?


“But Devon, this is her house, she’ll know this door is there, they are going to take us and erase us and make us one of those killers!” Devon shakes his head, and I feel his grip around my waist tighten


“No, before my Father was captured by the T.N.R.A he built this when my Mom was on one of her business trips, he specifically told me never tell my Mom it was here, I think he knew about her all along,” Devon’s Dad was captured by the T.N.R.A a little under a month ago.

Devon was devastated, his Dad worked for the R.A.M.B which stood for “Rogue assassins Working in the Black Market,” Only these Assassins weren’t rogue, they were the ones doing the good the T.N.R.A which stood for “Trained Non-Rogue Assassins,” were doing the bad. The names were given by the Government which has long been corrupted since the year 2045, since then this is how it’s been. The Government taking children from their homes and erasing them, their memories, their everything and implanting them with some sort of gene making them stronger, faster, and smarter making them feel less pain and less emotion than a normal human. They train them to become Assassins, working for the Government to keep order or what’s left of the order out of the Cities, and also use them to kill people the Government needs gone. The Government claims they only use the T.N.R.A kids for safety purposes but everybody knows, if you have enough money, they will send a T.N.R.A to kill whoever you want.

The End

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