Dreams or memories?Mature

    “No, I am not getting into that thing are you craz-” Devon doesn’t allow me to finish my sentence, he pushes my body harshly into the small room the door opens to, Devon follows me inside and closes the door, once he does, the light illuminating the room from the corridor is gone, and the room is black, it’s a small room, I can tell because I can hold both my arms out and touch the walls


“Devon what’s going on?” No answer


“Devon, tell me what’s going on,” Again no answer


“Devon, talk to me!” I wait for a moment giving him time to answer, no answer


“Devon if you don’t talk to me I’m going to scream,” I count, One, Two, Three


“Ahhh!” I let out a loud shriek, I feel Devon’s clammy hand cover my mouth


“Shut up Hanna! Are you trying to get us killed?” I don’t answer him, I just stand there frozen, I can feel Devon’s angry body from beneath me loosen and this tells me he’s calming down, I let out a sigh of relief. Devon’s hand stays on top of my mouth, I feel Devon fall to the ground with me on top of him, I breathe heavily and Devon chuckles, he is sitting Criss-cross on the floor with me on his lap legs sprawled out in front of me, touching the opposite wall,


“You really need to learn to be quiet,” Devon says resting his head in the crook of my neck


“I would,” I protest to his comment “If you would just tell me what’s going on every once in a while,” I can’t see Devon but I could imagine him rolling his eyes right now


“I tell you things you need to know,” It’s my turn to roll my eyes, that’s always his excuse for not telling me something, because according to him ‘I DON’T NEED TO KNOW’


“What? And you don’t think I should know why we’re  hiding in a small hidden room in your house?” Devon runs his hands through my long blonde hair


“I wish I could see your beautiful blue eyes right now Hanna,” I playfully punch what I think is his arm

The End

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