Dreams or Memories?Mature

In a Dystopian society set in the year 3000 the Government has been taking Children and Erasing . Taking away all of their past memories and giving them new ones, creating the perfect T.N.RA (trained non rogue assassin) genetically engineering them to be better killers. When a young T.N.R.A begins having dreams that seem more like memories, she begins to question the system. What happens when you question the system, you die.

“We need to go,” I roll my eyes in response to Devons plead, I’m too comfortable to get up from the spot on the couch, I look around Devon’s living room, the T.V on the wall, the Sectional sofa, the hand cranked radio, and multiple cigar buds laid on the coffee table makes you feel like you live back in the year 2000, but this is the future the year 3012

“Come on Hanna we need to leave,” Devon’s British accent rings in my ear, full of annoyance, and anger, along with a hint of worry

    “Devon, relax, we’re in your house what’s there to be afraid of?” That must have been a rhetorical question because knowing Devon he could think of a big long list of things that I should be afraid of

    “It doesn’t matter, Hanna we just need to leave,” Devon pushes his body off of the couch quickly grabbing hold of my arm tightly, I wince in pain but it doesn’t last for long

    “Devon! What the hell is your problem, that hurt!” once again Devon pays no notice to me and my complaints

    “Your Mother isn’t even home yet! We need to wait for her!” I see Devon running his hands through his hair angrily, he shakes his head and runs up the stairs to his house pulling me along with him, I trip over the first few stairs

    “Come on Hanna!” I feel him pull my body up so I am standing tall, I begin following Devon up the stairs, eventually he lets go of my arms and I find myself running with him still.

    “Devon tell me what’s going on!” He doesn’t answer, I follow him up into the long corridor he stops abruptly causing me to fall into his backside, he groans, but not in pain. I see him play with a latch on the side of the corridor wall, the wall opens a small door, Devon turns to me

    “Get in,” He demands I shake my head

The End

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