BARIUM fuelled flames shot from the amber lit sky, engulfing the homes of innocent people in raging green fire.

      Atop a hill, firing these all-consuming balls of death was the Dark-mage. He was once an influential sorcerer, but when he was beaten, when sparring with King Rankin Vinogradov II himself, he vowed to destroy the land of Vinogradov (He obviously was not at all gracious in defeat).

      The king remembered the day that the Dark-mage had made his sinister vow, and he himself vowed back that he would do his very best to protect the kingdom. But by this time, he was too old and frail to come face to face with the never ageing mage- and so called forth his son, Egan Vinogradov, to take the form of a Dragon and come to the aid of small amount of troops defending the castle walls against this one powerful, supernatural being.

      Egan was loyal to his father’s realm and his father, so agreed to take on this form of a Dragon and face the Dark-mage.

      Egan kneeled before his father and bowed his head. The king pointed down at him and then said, in an incredibly croaky voice: ‘Draco!’

A purple light then shot from the king’s finger and covered his son in a violet mist.

      When the mist cleared, Egan had transformed into a small purple Dragon, his wings were like strong, stretched buffalo hide, and his claws were as sharp and as pointed as the tip of a narwhal’s nose, his fire-breath fuelled with lithium chloride to make it an intense red colour, and his ivory horns encased in the toughest of Lutetium.

      He thought he would turn into a dragon that looked a bit stronger, sturdier and bigger. But as this was the best the King could do, and if the King was the best wizard in the Kingdom, then it should have to suffice.

      Egan beat his wings against the air and then swiftly arose off of the ground and glided out the open window.

      Egan glided down to the castle walls, where the Dark-mage was launching his attack from. Evan landed next to the final five soldiers who had fought valiantly but would need a great deal of help if they were to defeat the Dark-mage.

      Egan’s yellowy eyes gazed into the Dark-mage’s empty, lifeless black sockets, where his eyeballs should have been. Egan lowered his scaly head and narrowed his eyes and targeted his flame ready mouth towards the Dark-mage, he then roared and then opened his mouth wide and fired out his ruby red flames at him; but they were blocked by a battering Tsunami of Barium fuelled fire, the flames began to fend each other away from their controllers. The green and the red flames battered one another creating a horrible brown colour in the middle of them both.

      Ultimately the Dark lord’s magic would prevail, Egan knew this so he let go of his fire and flew into the air and the flames bolted under him and melted the shields of two of the remaining guards. Egan lowered his horns as he flapped his wings, to keep him up; he then folded them in and zipped down towards the Dark-mage. They impaled into his chest and knocked him to the ground. Egan withdrew his horns from the Dark-mage’s chest and walked away.

      But as people came out from the stacks of hay they were hiding behind, the Dark-mage arose from the ground and pointed his index finger at Egan and shouted: ‘Fulgur viridis!’

      All of a sudden a bolt of green lightning shot at Egan causing him to writhe in pain. Then in a giant flash of light, everybody went temporarily blind, but when the light cleared Egan had turned back into a human and was perfectly well.

      ‘I may not be able to see you boy, but I can taste you in the air, I can feel your aura, I can smell the foul stench of wealthy men and women. But the most prominent thing is: I can hear your heart beating so fast. You are frightened my boy, of little old me, why? I am the friendliest man here...’

      The Mage began to walk around trying to get closer to Egan. Until he eventually said: ‘Found You,’

      Egan froze, but Satanor turned and then shouted: ‘EXOS!’

      Egan jumped out of the way, and the spell smashed into the face of one of the guards. He began to droop, his bones had completely disappeared and he was a heap of muscle, blood, and organs lying on the floor. This black magic kept him alive, but he would never eat drink or move,

      ‘Antiqua!’ Egan shouted as he held his hand up to The Dark-mage, but nothing happened,

      ‘Don’t try to do something that you can’t my boy.’

      ‘Animus,’ Egan did not realise what he had just done. Combining those two spells, that he had never used before, but just heard of, would protect him; he had summoned an ancient spirit called the Ram, This was a very kind and humble beast that would strive to find Justice wherever it could. The spirit was a giant Ram that could only be summoned once for most people, and it would only ever come if someone was truly in need of it.

      The spirit arose from the ground and stared at the Dark-Mage and then rammed its horns into the Mage’s head. Satanor shot backwards and hit his head against a rock. But he stood up and shouted: ‘Tempestas!’ he spun his arm around gathering wind, he pointed the other arm in the air and shouted: ‘Fulgur!’

      He was creating a storm; he dragged lightning from the clouds and pushed the Winds towards Egan. The storm was a controlled one, it shot straight towards Egan and the Ram spirit, ‘Move back!’ One man shouted, but the ram would do its very best to protect Egan. So it jumped into the way of the storm, lowered its head and rebounded the spell back at the Dark-Mage, the thousands of volts of lightning circulated around his body and weakened him. The Ram disappeared whilst the weak mage tried get back off of the ground, as he said: ‘I will be back. With an army, I will vanquish you all.’ He then whistled and a Griffin swooped down and landed on the floor, the Count jumped onto the Griffin’s Back and it lifted off of the ground a glided away.

      Men and women came out from where they were hiding and cheered, because they were safe now, they could rebuild their homes and get back to living in peace and harmony. Or Could they?

The End

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