Chase a dolphin and fill your mind with a profound understanding of the microscopic aspects of reality, the quirks and quarks of the universe.

"Having thumbs makes you dumb" as the Dolphin Goddess sends a ning to her pod to pull together for some fun and frolic with me. Once communication is achieved I learn a new perspective, a new dimension, a new understanding of ease, grace and joy. Rescuers of enlightenment they hint. "Jesus walked on us.. not the water... we rescued him... he needed assistance at the time". "No thumbs, no ears, but extremely conscience we are!". I learn this semi-telepathic conduit to converse... but answers don't come right away.... they guide me through the experience. Next it is "we watch television through your eyes" .... "see now...(giggling) Mister Thumbs? What about the internet and all the wireless technology .... can you see that too? "We here hear (laughing) in the Eleventh Dimension share the membrane" .... "here it's music without audio". "we visualize without eyes and we listen without ears". "You are no the only one Mr. Thumbs we play with"... I sigh with relief.
The End

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