The Syrens: Part 2- Ana's Diary

Ana fluttered around Tartarus University, gleefully introducing herself to all the students she came across. She learned early on that not every angel and demon enjoyed her sporadic company, but still, she was losing her mind with the joy of meeting new people. Eventually, she became tired as the day grew long, and she retreated to where she found the most comfort. The big angel in charge promised a new place for her kind to live, but so far all he had managed to do was dig a large hole. So, at the end of her first night as a student of the school, she slept in the Fountain by the courtyard. She curled up on the lip of a waterfall as water rushed past her down into a large bowl. As the sun rose, so did she. Ana stretched and woke with a smile. She fluttered about wondering what she was going to do first today. The first idea to come to her was to begin a diary to keep throughout her schooling.

Ana's diary
day 2; first entry

I have seen so much here at the school already, that I don't even know where to begin! The first thing I did when I got here was what they call orientation, though they must have done it a bit differently for me. At first, one of the angels tried to yell at me and I got very scared. It turned out okay though because the other angels decided I wasn't a threat then and there. After that, A nice, fat angel took me around the campus showing me all the different buildings. I didn't like his name at all, and decided he should be called “Peppy” instead. He must have liked the name because after I told him that and kissed him on the cheek, he looked much more happy and friendly. He showed me where the angels get taught, where to get food, and even places where the demons were being taught. The demon side of the school was so scary though! It looks more like a prison than a place for learning. I hope our side of the school doesn't look like that! After the tour, I told Peppy a few things about Syrens in general, which he seemed very interested in for some reason, and then I flew straight to the cafeteria. The food was so strange there, and I was alone in this big open dining hall, but it was nice anyway. The rest of the students were in class all day and seeing as there was no Syren school here yet, I was done for the day. After I ate, I passed the time snooping around looking for anyone to talk to. The staff wanted nothing to do with me, but once the students were released for the day, I met a great many angels. Most of the angels were very pleasant to me. We joked around, they showed me their friends, and a lot of them even flirted with me! I think today, I'll wear clothes next time I go trying to make new friends because it got overwhelming after a while!

Ana's Diary
day 4; Second Entry

Today was heavy! I'm so happy it worked out well because I was so scared there for a while. Early this morning, I was brought in to administration to meet a bunch of important-looking angels. They talked about me almost the whole time too, which was great! At first, they kept asking me about my weaknesses and my powers. It kind of made me uneasy, but I told them anyway. I'm not really that strong yet, my wings aren't fully grown, and I need almost ten baths a day to keep up my energy. They laughed when I told them how young I was, but they piped down when I told them what I was capable of, if I ever got proper training that is. I told them a bunch more stuff, about where I used to live and the other races of the Syren. Although, eventually they kicked me out the room and I had to wait outside for a very long time. They finally came out and one of the angels told me that the school would be undergoing some renovations to make it more homely just for me and my friends! I was so excited but even more exciting was that he told me more Syrens came today. There was a huge crowd of Syrens in the courtyard now and some were a new race I had never seen! Queen Mizu is here now and I recognized her immediately. She was with a bunch of other mermaids, and a bunch of newborn Syrens calling themselves Undines. These Undines were a new addition to the Syren races but the only one I could get to talk to me was Marie. Marie told me that she was the mother of all the other Undines, and they were created for nefarious purposes and were still figuring out their identity as a race. I shouldn't have to say that she bored me greatly. I decided to give them a tour then, and instead of taking forever to get to the point, I brought them straight to the bathhouse. It was the largest body of water in the school after all, and us Syrens stuck out less in places where everyone was naked. Every single one of them jumped into the communal bath except for Mizu who stayed behind with me to talk. She told me she was very worried about being up here, and yearned very much to get back to Atlantis. She was also worried of how long these angels meant to keep us here and looked even more sad when I told her she was silly to think they'd ever let us go back. She cried and I tried to console her but she was such a bummer. Marie came and helped me with her and I left them there to go sleep in my fountain. It was barely big enough for me, but now that I'm ready for sleep, I kind of wish at least one of the other Syrens would come sleep over here with me.

Ana's diary
Day 5; third entry

A bunch of my old friends are here now! Though, they are not very happy with the situation and seemed pretty beat up when they were released for the day. They told me they were held for a while and were interrogated. They didn't want to say details, but I could tell from their look that they were worked over pretty good. Aleera talked to me most of the day but there were new faces to meet in her group. I met Miko, her older sister who was the only one relatively calm and without a scratch. She seemed very wise even though she walked around as if in a daze. Obviously, I didn't talk to her much but she came with my new best friend! His name is Suijin, and he is the coolest thing I've ever seen. He's a golem completely made of water, and he's such a quiet sweetheart! As soon as he got here, He went straight to the giant ditch that Metatron dug that served us no use at all. I don't know why it took the Angels so long to fix up our supposed “home” but Suijin let flow an endless stream of water into there and soon after he filled up the hole effortlessly, he dove in to start digging deeper. I barely spoke to him before he heard what he wanted from me, and went off building us a home. He just kept saying in a real quiet voice, “The sea life must prosper. They must prosper...” He may not have much of a mind, but he's a hard worker so I'm glad he came. He's also fun to swim inside of, for I think he's ticklish. So now, He and I, along with Miko, Mizu, Aleera, Marie, and all of their offspring and soldiers are now lying on the newly created beach wondering whats going to happen next.

The End

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