The Syrens: Family Ties (CH.6)

Chapter 6 Collateral Damage

Miko was a sight to behold if she let you live long enough to see her. She had been trapped in utter darkness for what felt like an eternity, and it felt good to swim and kill again. However Tokei did not give her any chance to acclimate to returning to the known world again, as he fled with Aleera as a hostage immediately. Miko tried to give chase, but using some sort of ancient Djinn magic, he was able to disappear right before her eyes. She decided to bide her time here in Atlantis, biting off the head of any kappas she managed to catch. She cackled with a deranged determination to find her little sister. With every kappa she killed, she became that much stronger, and she was on a spree of violence and murder. It wasn't just Kappas she killed after all. She swam into every giant sea anemone in town with purpose. Using her growing magical prowess, she struck fear into every mermaid, siren, and water nymph she let live. The less fortunate were strangled, crushed, or exploded, all with just her mind and the waters around them. She was merciless and screamed from within in the minds of any creatures around her so loud that their ears bled. She asked almost every living thing in the city, Where is Tokei?

Tokei took a deep breath as he materialized on land with an unconscious siren at his side. He knew Miko would not reach him for some time, here on the opposite end of the globe, but he still trembled slightly. It was a feeling he had not felt in eons, and it was very disconcerting to him to fear for his life. Miko was his first creation after all, and he created her to be an unstoppable force and a relentless killer. When she gave up fighting for him and tried to rule things on her own, he had to banish her to the hyperspace in between worlds, for she was too powerful and became a threat to his reign. He never expected her to return, and couldn't even imagine how angered she must be now. At the time of her conception, he made her into a cunning, destructive weapon to use to further his nefarious schemes, but he never even thought she might swing around and attack he himself. Now that she has drawn more energy from the fully-fed Kappas, he had no idea the extent of what her power could be. He hoped now that hiding on this snowy island across the globe would buy him enough time to find a way to stop her.

Atlantis was in ruins and creatures were flooding out of the city in droves. Miko had also left the city, and swam as fast she could towards the north. After several bloody interrogations in Atlantis, she finally found a siren who knew something of worth. Tokei had a new project he loved on a few northerly Isles he had named Albion. He planned to stretch the reach of Syrens across the globe and used this as one his many starting points. He was adamant enough about this to want to oversee the progress himself on these Isles. The siren telling Miko all of this was part of his personal guard and while all the other guards that were left in the city preferred death to talking, this particular siren cracked under the pressure. Miko slaughtered all of the siren's friends in front of her and she told Miko all of this cowering in a corner. After Miko heard enough, she pushed the water around the siren until she imploded under the water pressure, just like the rest of the helpless soldiers. Miko was bloodthirsty and was enraged beyond logic and reason. She had sat and waited an eternity in solitude for the chance to kill Tokei. Now she had her chance and she was losing her mind with mixed thoughts of hapless joy and pure hate. It flooded her vision. She never felt as powerful as she did now than in her entire life, and hoped she was ready to take on her ancient creator.

She swam for many weeks in frigid waters, following a trail of Syren outposts along several coasts. Almost all Syren settlements were built deep underwater away from prying eyes, but each of these outpost's proximity to land told Miko that Tokei was planning something big. She had time to cool down and her sadistic urges to kill had mostly subsided, so only a few sirens or mermaids she came across were murdered. At some points in her journey, she was just bored. Many other times however, she got lost and had to beat the directions out of some poor Syren. She gave up trying to question about Tokei's plans since it seemed barely anyone even knew about Albion itself, let alone what was going on there. The fact that Tokei was so secretive about what his plans just her drove her even more mad wanting to know. Her hard-learned patience caught up with her though, and the smallest inkling of her former self came back halfway through the trip. She began to worry for the well-being of the humans near Tokei, even if just for the fact that they were defenseless wildlife against such a mighty foe. She knew somewhere deep down, that she was the only one who could challenge Tokei, and with a bit of luck, end his reign of corruption.

By the time Miko had reached the island, she had a cohort of assorted Syrens following her. It took only a few showings of force and raw power to convince wayward soldiers to join her side. Some had even heard stories of the benevolent queen of Syrens who ruled before Tokei. Still others had heard legends of a prophet of Gaia named Miko that brought life and happiness wherever she travelled. They rallied to her cause without question and told the rest of the soldiers of her legacy. She knew most of them would die, but it was nice sentiment to not have to go into battle alone nonetheless.

Although, There was one creature she met on her journey that did bring her hope for the upcoming fight named Suijin. He was a newly created golem completely made of water and came to her late on her trek. He looked for her as soon as she was released back into our world, and his master wanted to help her get rid of Tokei once and for all. With this new weapon at her side, Miko finally thought she might just be able to defeat Tokei.

Aleera came to in the middle of a snowy field and could hear Tokei's hoarse voice nearby. Her head hurt badly but the snow falling on her face felt good as she laid on a snow bank. She was pretty sure Tokei did not notice her wake up, and did her best not to move. She wanted to hear what he was saying because she could see him talking to a tall man with wings that she had never seen before.

“So you are sure you can handle this? She is quite powerful...”

“You obviously do not know who I am, Tokei. But you are sure she is a threat to humanity? And you are sure she is coming here? I do not like waiting, I'm very busy as of late.”

“Yes, she is a danger to to any living creature as long as she on this world and she should be coming any moment. I do not mean to offend you, I only ask that you do not underestimate her power. The one lying unconscious over there is her sister and accomplice. She's a free catch for you. However, I can sense her coming now and must take my leave. I can't thank you enough, Metatron.”

“Yeah, well I'm doing this for the humans, not you. Get out of here, My men and I will handle this Swan Maiden.”

With that, the tall, busty woman speaking with an older man's voice faded away where she stood until she was gone. Once Aleera noticed Tokei had left, she bolted upright and ran as fast as she could towards the forest nearby. Before she got to the tree line though, Angels swooped down from above and encircled her. She was just able to hear Miko yelling in the distance before Aleera was knocked out cold again.

“Where is Tokei!”

Miko came out into a clearing with legions of Syrens behind her and was met with a broad line of Angels blocking her path. She sensed no sign of Tokei behind the thick crowd of winged soldiers and her pent-up rage came back full-force. One of the taller Angels up front was trying to say something to Miko but she did not care. She was seeing red and let loose every bit of magical power she had at the Angels. She immediately went up to the nearest Angelic soldiers, and with the constant water supply Suijin provided her, she blasted a wall of water at them. She literally picked up the snow on the ground with her mind and encased Angels in ice using it or sent flurries of hail at them. Every bit of water around her was used against the angels, frozen or not. She deftly manipulated her surroundings and soon hundreds of Angels were frozen solid of buried under snow while she created a massive snowstorm above. She attacked mercilessly and the Angels could barely fight back.

Still sirens and mermaids were getting cleaved in half all around Miko and she continued her enraged battle cry. More and more Angels flew in from the stormy sky above and attempted to surround Miko and her fellow Syrens. Miko was not giving up however. She froze Angels left and right and Suijin held back the line by shooting strong blasts of water all around. Many Syrens lay dead in the snow, and many more were beaten into submission and taken away in shackles. Miko could not save them all, and after many grueling hours of constant fighting there was only a handful of Syrens left panting heavily at Miko's side.

The fighting had hit a lull as the endless flanks of angels around Miko pulled back. She took this chance to breath but soon saw the taller Angel in charge come forward dragging the limp-headed Aleera in his arm. He had a knife to her neck and yelled through the blizzard Miko had formed.
“Miko! Stop this now or your sister dies! There has already been too much bloodshed today and I don't think you want her blood on your hands too! Come with me peacefully or you will leave me no choice!”

Miko gritted her teeth in anger and saw no good outcome to this situation. She couldn't bear to see Aleera die after all this, so she gave up. Metatron put her in shackles but had no idea what to do about restraining Suijin. However, with a simple nod from Miko, Suijin also came peacefully, wrapping himself around an angel as they flew up into the now clearing skies. Miko could not believe how close she was, but after waiting for so long before for a chance to kill Tokei, she figured she could wait a little longer.

The End

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