The Syrens: Family Ties (CH.5)

 Chapter 5 Growing Pains

Marie wandered lazily down the shore of her new home, the island of Crete. She had so much on her mind and so much relying on quickly doing well here, but the sea foam at her feet soothed her immensely. She had been so busy lately on land and long treks without water weakened her magic potency, and with it went her physical appearance as well. It was due to her true form being a featureless gray freak, and constant magical tempering was needed to keep up her busty appearance of a human maiden on these hostile lands. Although, it was a most minor defect compared to the so many other risks of being a hastily created race, and by Tokei no less. She felt happy about her existence already, and being only three days old, that was quite an accomplishment. What she was able to do in those few short days was not to be taken lightly either. She had, with the help of a few sirens, been able to infiltrate the primitive society budding on the mainland, naming themselves an Aegean civilization, and taught them how build bigger boats. It was only a matter of time now before they sent these ships on their way filled with sailors, but they would never return from their maiden voyages. Now however, Marie was in a totally different land with different people, who called themselves the Minoans. They were a much more diligent group of humans than the last group, which worried Marie.

As soon as she arrived on this island with her siren friends, she laid eggs near the sandbar, and influenced the male fish around her to swim by with an effect that could only be described as magical. The sirens went on towards the mainland, naked and beautiful, and sang sweetly. They skipped through fields swirling the water in the small cup they each carried, and walked past humans without a care in the world. They never noticed the looks of disgust they received from these humans, and even if they did, they wouldn't even know how to react to such a rarely seen emotion in their lives.

Marie ran after them, hoping to catch up but came upon them a few minutes too late. Marie had been so careful so far and hadn't stopped yet, so she was already dressed in the normal Minoan attire, or least had a constant spell running to make it seem as if she were wearing clothes. She blended right into the crowd that was now building around the town square, where five beautiful, naked women were bound and gagged in the center, and a few soldiers stood ominously over them. A man in a crown was instigating the crowd and Marie could just barely make out what he said past the roaring crowd.

“My People! These foul woman come from some other land and seek to taint us with their barbaric views! They obviously do not know we are a society built on equality and dignity for all. They come onto our island wearing nothing and offering nothing but foul words. They shall be our next sacrifices to the great goddesses above! The sunrise will be glorious!”

The roar of the crowd drowned out the rest but Marie did not have to hear anymore to know her new friends were in trouble. She ran back to the water to think, but now felt more lost than ever. She had no idea how these people could see through the guises of those veteran sirens, but no other possibility arose in Marie's mind. She swam out to the sandbar and decided she only had one way of dealing with these people. They could not be allowed to tell any other humans of the existence of Syrens in any form, or else the entire plan might unravel. She swam in circles around her eggs until she came up with a last ditch effort to salvage the plans before Tokei found out. She focused her every bit of magical energy onto her Undine eggs all around her feet. She faded into a faceless, barely-humanoid figure, and the waters around her surged with energy. Normally, it would take days for these eggs to hatch, but Marie channeled every bit of strength she had, until they began to pop underwater. She slowly meandered back to shore with a wave at her back, and when the next wave rolled onto shore, it had 250 other faceless, gray bodies shuffle onto shore with it.

Marie collapsed on the beach, but as she turned around to see her daughters, she smiled big. Every single head in the mass turned to her without eyes or a mouth. Marie then pointed a finger down at the inches of water rolling back and forth, splashing her with every break at her side. She used her last bit of energy to hold some water in place magically, and then pushed it with an invisible force that created the tiniest little wave going the wrong way on the beach. After a whisper to the nearest of her daughters, they were off diving into the water. Marie looked on as they swam parallel to the coast for a while, a horde of gray, fully-grown magical powerhouses contrasting with the otherwise serene sunset. She barely had time to even worry if her plan was going to work in time to save her friends, before she passed out on the shore from exhaustion.

The Faceless Undine horde swam into position in a line, several miles from the shore. They hadn't even learned of their own identity before learning how to manipulate water in this fashion, but it did not seem to bother a single one of them. They all concentrated their energy onto the waters around them until a tall wall of water built above them. It swirled in place until a motionless wave was created forty feet high. Then, they set it loose in the direction of Crete.

The sirens were brought up to the top of the hill overlooking the coastal city and were emaciated from being away from water for so long. They looked pale and withered, but a smile crept on their faces as the sun was overshadowed, casting them into a sudden dark. Their captors looked up in horror at the tidal wave that loomed above them seconds away. The entire town was screaming for their lives as they were engulfed in crashing water. The water cascaded around the sirens and sent them tumbling with the screaming Minoans. They quickly regained their power underwater, as humans and their buildings rushed past them at impossible speeds, and they dodged certain death by deftly swimming through the current. As the wave crashed around them, all but one siren made it out of harm's way.

Malia, the youngest of the sirens that were held captive here, could not focus her magical energy in time to recuperate from her time of drought. Her screams were drowned out by the multitude of screaming humans around her and as the wave crashed to the ground, so to did massive buildings and Malia could only watch as her biggest strength as a Syren became her demise.

Days pass before the school of Undine creatures recovered from their massive undertaking, but they were content to sunbathe next to their mother Marie on the shore. The sirens had gone deep underwater to mourn the loss of their friend, but Marie felt accomplished here on Crete and liked watching the time pass as she taught her daughters little things. The sun was at it highest when she saw Mizu rise out of the ocean. Mizu was dressed in her usual crown and regalia and had her army of mermaids at her back. Their tentacles flopped unsteadily on the soft beach sand but soon Mizu walked right up to Marie with a big smile.

“Congratulations, Marie. Tokei is very pleased with your work here. He sent me to give you our highest regards and your next mission. He feels you have trained long enough and you are now ready to take on the Golem, Suijin. You have done well, sister...”

Mizu trailed off as she looked up into the sky. The sky was overcast with thousands of Angels swooping down overhead. Before Mizu could even think, they were surrounded by these winged creatures they had never seen before. Even the sand bar behind Mizu's army had angels standing there shoulder to shoulder in waist-deep water. Then, with blinding speed, a older, taller angel plummeted down onto the beach next to Marie and Mizu, sending a blast wave of sand at them. This Angel looked down menacingly at Mizu and was seething with anger. Metatron bellowed at the ladies quivering on the beach.

“All of you are coming with me! You look like the queen of this horrific species you call Syrens and I will not stand for your kind killing one more human! You shall be punished and imprisoned for your crimes against man. Do not try to fight, or the punishment will only get worse!”

Marie shook with fear surrounded by so many armed soldiers and with this big one yelling at her sister. She did not have to live long to know these creatures were far stronger than she could ever be, but she worried so much for her daughters, that she felt she had to do something. Even Mizu and her well-trained army paled in comparison to the endless flanks of angels around them. She knew anything she tried would be futile, but had to try nonetheless. Marie put on her best visage of a nubile angel after a quick glance around the winged army and her daughters followed suit soon after. Marie sauntered over to the towering Metatron and draped herself on him speaking in her most sultry voice.

“Please don't hurt us defenseless maidens of the sea. We meant no harm, really. We're just lonely girls looking for someone big and strong to take care of us. And you all are pretty big and strong, just how we like it...”

Metatron stood firm, but his look of pure hate had changed to confusion. Some of his men were already hooting at the Undines that somehow now looked like angels through some form of sorcery. He knew these women had to be taken away but now he felt unsure if maiming them first was fair or not anymore. Still, he punched the Undine rubbing on his chest, Marie, in the head and knocked her out. The Syren covered in tentacles now ran at Metatron in anger and he made quick work of her too. It was all a blur to him, because he knew it had to be done, and yet, he felt for them. He just kept thinking, as his army began systemically knocking out the women on the beach, of how beautiful she was to him.

The End

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