The Syrens: Family Ties (CH.4)

 Chapter 4 My Big Sister

Aleera knelt in front of the enormous statue of Gaia at the church in Atlantis, and whispered a prayer.

“I pray to you, The All, for strength in these dire times. I had almost surpassed my pompous sister, Queen Mizu, in ruling this kingdom and I fear all of my work was for naught. Send me a sign, anything at all. Now that Tokei favors his newly created Undines and that filthy Marie, I don't think I'll ever find myself in the good graces of Tokei again.”

Just then, a memory popped up in her mind. It was of her other sister, Miko, from a time long ago when they were young. It was of a time when they were inseparable and had little cares for the world around them. It was before Tokei came and riddled their minds with lies and deceit.

At that time, Miko was ruler of every ocean, though she never liked being called that. She preferred to be anonymous with her power and frolicked amidst the lesser creatures of her kingdom. Aleera loved her for that, for they both knew Miko was by far the most powerful of any sea-faring creature, but she bridled her power in exchange for a simple life. The Word of Gaia and its religious following was her idea at first, and she propagated it wherever she went, hoping strong morals would suffice in keeping her at the head of the Syrens. She wandered the seas as a simple missionary, and no one thought twice that this humble servant of The All, could actually be the veritable ruler of The All.

The visage worked well, until Tokei came along and ruined everything. Aleera, taught how to love and empathize by Miko, had to watch as Tokei corrupted everything her sister had worked so hard to build up. She also had to watch as Tokei banished her from this realm to somewhere dark and impossibly far. Tears were shed, but Aleera knew revenge would not come from alienating her Djinn father, Tokei. It would come from being his best friend and highest underling. She knew then as she does now, that the only way to bring her beloved sister back was to sweep the power from under Tokei's feet.

Mizu could not possibly understand the weight that Aleera carried on her shoulders, and being born way after, would probably never even know. Now, Aleera's only chance to gain power was shot down by an even newer sister, Marie. Being ruler of Atlantis was the only chance to bring her sister back, that she knew of. Even then, she was unsure if Tokei would even allow her return, for he feared the power she and her people could wield. Miko was a Swan maiden, a supposedly extinct race of Syren, but Aleera knew it would only take one returning to Atlantis to revive the race. All Syrens laid eggs after all, and it only took one unique fish to fertilize hundreds of eggs.

Aleera sat in the church all alone harking back to her pleasant past and suddenly had an epiphany. She quickly swam out of the door above and rushed to the Kappa compound. Thankfully, no one was guarding the compound and the Kappas swam lazily about in their prison. The kappas were simple creatures, bloodthirsty they may be, but she knew they were extremely polite otherwise and would never turn down a chance to do someone a favor. It was bred into them by Tokei as a failsafe in case they became too rowdy. She focused her energy and sent an message to the mind of a bored Kappa.

“You! Will you help this lady in distress?”“But of course, Aleera! How may I be of service?" “I need someone summoned here to Atlantis. Someone of great importance. Her name is Miko, and I fear she may be lost forever unless you can help. Your kind is much stronger than it ever has been before and you are her only hope.” “I will search for her and we will help you however we can. Give us time and she will be returned.” “You have everything but time! This must be done without Tokei knowing or we shall all be murdered for disloyalty. She must be returned before he finds out. Hurry!”

Somewhere far away, Tokei could sense some form of treachery happening in his kingdom and went as quickly as he could to Atlantis.

Somewhere else, in pitch-blackness, a beautiful woman is awakened. Her surroundings are indiscernible, but she knows exactly where she is. What she doesn't know is why her eyes have opened after an infinite sleep.

The Kappas compound is swirling as they chant continuously. Each kappa pours a drop of water from their head into the center of their habitat. The water glimmered green and collected at the bottom of their submersed cage. Soon, the mystic water itself swirled in unison with the kappas until a green vortex is created at their center.

Miko began to tumble, still in darkness, but now there was a faint light coming at her from far away. It grew from just a speck and ever so slowly, it consumed her and she was surrounded by blinding white light. Then, The odd feeling of floating in space left her and she could feel water around her. She smiled.

Aleera darted a shifty eye back and forth looking for the inevitable return of Tokei. She looked through the bars and saw the portal the Kappas had made was almost full-size. Finally, after an agonizing wait, She saw her sister, Miko, phase into existence right before her eyes.
Tokei, in his typical tall woman personage, arrived at the Kappa compound just in time to see Miko drink the water off the head of a kappa, draining the poor monkey creature of his life. Tokei bellowed and hollered but no one listened

“No! You mustn't let her regain her power! Those Kappa are almost at full power themselves, and there's no telling what kind of magic they can pass on to her now! I knew I should have guarded this place myself after revitalizing those stupid monkeys!”

Miko felt rejuvenated after an infinite time of drifting near death, but still did not possess her full potential. She stole a glance up at the cage doors and saw Tokei grab Aleera and take her away screaming. Miko immediately became enraged at this sight and using every ounce of might she had, she pushed the water upward towards the barred door. A few more blasts and the door was ripped off its hinges and she, along with several dozen Kappas poured out into the city. She grabbed yet another kappa, drained his life force, and she bristled with newly found power. She laughed and a grin covered her face as she chased Tokei through the waters. She spoke to no one in particular and swam with the grace of a goddess.

“I could get used to this...”

The End

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