The Syrens: Water Pressure

Chapter 1 A friendly Face

Burha, a colossal squid, watched as a defenseless human boat was eaten almost whole by a rock-faced fish. Burha shed tears that were lost in the sea and he quickly swam away. He swam for miles, but the only solace he found was in harking back to his serene past. He was wracked with emotion for the lost souls aboard that ship, but he continued to swim at top speed. There was nothing he could do once they were in the belly of that fish, and memories flashed through his mind as he thought of a more peaceful time.

His earliest memory was of his mother, Gaia, breathing life into him. Prior to this, he was just a mere squid, but afterwards, he was infused with the power of the Djinn and his mind was awakened. Now after an infinite amount of time, his body was more djinn than squid as it's power had grown and overtaken his soul. He chose very early to follow the righteous path of his mother, The All, Gaia. Her word was just and sincere, but Burha's brother, Tokei felt differently about her calming words. Where a benevolent mind saw morals and a system to live a good life by, Tokei only saw a ploy for power and a means to control the simple-minded. Tokei had corrupted the Word of Gaia and used it to attain power over many races. Burha always argued, toe-to-toe with his malicious brother. Burha pleaded his case to no avail after countless innocent lives were lost, and has never been able to stop Tokei's destructive ways.

Now, as he still swam without direction, he pondered how he could ever stop his brother. Tokei had now moved on to a new race, barely sentient and living on land. Burha needed to think fast before yet another race fell prey to Tokei's treacherous plans of domination. Burha stopped swimming, and began to concentrate his mind as best he could. The water expanded away from him until a sizeable air pocket was created underwater. Still, the squid remained motionless, floating in the air. 
Hours pass and a tiny trickle of water poured into the bubble that was a brighter, glimmering blue than the dark waters around him. It grew a small pool at the bottom of the air bubble and glinted in a light that wasn't there. As the bubble filled, the shining water became globular and slowly began to swirl. Burha, with one final mental push, split a small piece of his own soul and let it spill from his mouth. A blinding white speck fell from his lips and into the now glowing water, and the water became still. After several minutes, a face appeared, fading into existence on top of the bright blue water and spoke.


Burha beamed with joy and as the water around him swelled back in to fill the gaps. The brighter body of water in front of him kept its globular shape and its face was of a young man with no discernible features. Burha gleefully erupted in banter as the pale face looked and simply listened.

“This is wonderful! My name is Burha and I am your creator. Your name is Suijin and you are borne of my flesh and bone but at your core you are merely just a golem created to do my bidding. I have made you with only one simple rule: You must protect the vibrant sea-life and must only use your abilities to further the betterment of our world. You will aid me in defeating my tyrannic brother once and for all, so always be vigilant, for I may need you at any time.”

After many weeks of training taught by Burha, Suijin was just learning of his true potential. Burha left his side early on but through a telekinetic connection he had with his creations, he was able to watch and listen. Suijin went out into the dark oceans, and saved the lives of all manner of species, including human, by harnessing the power of the water around him. He came up on land several times, and though he looked just like a moving glob of water, he was able to quench the thirsty and pour an endless flow of water onto dry crops. In a matter of weeks, he garnered a name for himself as a deity for good, and human and mermaids alike bowed upon meeting him.  Suijin flowed this way and that always leaving everything in his wake better off than before. He flowed without qualm until Tokei grew tired of his meddling.

Tokei floated above a council that was called in Atlantis. He took his usual form, a beautiful woman with long, flowing brown hair and spat out orders in a deep angered voice.

“We have to stop Burha's menace! This is an outrage! This golem has seamlessly disrupted our operations by himself. If we are to properly feed the kappas the amount needed to harness their full power, then we have to take care of this issue. Aleera, I appreciate your efforts immensely but I have to make some changes around here because apparently, this isn't working out. I'd like you to meet Marie. She will be replacing you as my right hand woman and will be assisting all of you wherever possible. She is my latest creation and you will have nothing but the utmost respect for her and her kind. She will be our secret weapon against this nuisance, Suijin.”

The End

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