The Syrens: Family Ties (CH.3)

 Chapter 3 A new student

Metatron pondered how successful a school to instill humanity in vile creatures could possibly be, as demons shuffling below in chains snarled up at him. He stared daggers back at them, and held his weapon at the ready as he flew back and forth above the demons. He took no notice of the young angel struggling to fly up to Metatron's height and was too concerned to listen fully when the boy finally reached him.

“Sir? We have a problem...It involves the humans.”
Metatron and a few other members of the Council met in his office for a impromptu meeting.

“Metatron, Humanity is at risk from a new race. They are surely not demons, but nevertheless, they pose a dire threat to humans across the globe. They mostly live underwater and call themselves the syrens. So far, they have lured several boats filled with humans out to the oceans and sent them to the unknowns depths below. We fear they harbor a homicidal intent for the humans and if we do not react swiftly and accordingly, more humans will be lost to the waters. We have collectively decided that deportation of this race is vital and just need your blessing to bring them here under your watch. I know this is unprecedented but we have few other options. They seem to be a misguided group of miscreants and outright murder of these beings seems unjust and thus goes against our creed.”
Metatron paced, and bellowed indignantly.

“Absolutely not! I will not disrupt the order we have worked so hard to keep here at the university by bringing in even more troublemakers into the mix. I already have enough issues dealing with demons and I don't want to play babysitter for some fish. What are our other options?"

The councilmen murmured amongst themselves until finally one spoke with a firm tone. “We have no other viable options. They cannot live on Earth or with us, and nobody should be subjected to Tartarus below without a definite reason for condemning. We, as a group, have decided that with proper guidance these so-called 'Syrens' could be rehabilitated to serve us and the greater good. I must remind you that they are misguided, led on by an evil warlord by the name of Tokei. Tokei has warped the minds of these otherwise simple creatures to further his pursuits in domination of any world he touches. We must act while the threat remains small before Tokei is too powerful to overcome. By retrofitting the university to house more than just demons, we hope to contain this threat by taking away his brainwashed army. We also had hoped that this would just be a discussion between us, Metatron, but you have left us with no choice. The High Council has spoken and you will carry out our orders.”

Metatron grumbled and shook his head, wracking his mind for any other possible ways to fix this issue. After much thought, he finally spoke. “Well then, I guess there is no more to discuss if thats the case. I must ask however, where did you find all this out?”

“Come with me. We have your first student from this new race ready to enroll downstairs at administration. She has already told us much of this new problem and has been a great help to the Council. A scouting angel found her stalking an old man and thought she might be a threat to this old man's life, but she has turned out to be just a harmless woman who had fallen in love with a human. Her name is Ana, and she says she is a lake fairy.”

Metatron followed the council down to the waiting room in front of administration and immediately gave a confused look to the tiny fairy fluttering about the room and speaking a mile a minute. She was beautiful and her thin wings flapped incessantly as she flew about the room asking benign questions. Metatron stood unabated even with this tiny nude woman fluttering by and floating inches from his face.

“Hi! You must be the guy in charge here! I can tell because of how serious you look compared to the rest of these lugs. At least they smile when I kiss them, but boy, they do not know a good joke when they hear one! I'm so excited! I take it they told you about me. My name is Ana! Apparently, I'll be a new student at your school soon!”

Metatron rolled his eyes and kept his face deadpanned the entire time. To him, this tiny little creature was in fact a harmless being not worthy of his time, but still he worried for her safety deep down. The council was firm in their decision to bring these beings up to Tartarus University, so he knew much work would be needed to protect these beings from the demons roaming the school halls. He wondered how this tiny woman could pose any threat to humanity but nonetheless knew induction into the school was the only way to handle this.

“Silence, little one! Tell me about your race. I want to know how a small creature with such brittle wings could pose a threat to humanity.”

Ana flew whimsically around Metatron's head and spoke quickly. “Oh you're silly! I'm a lake fairy, and we only care about having fun! It's the rest of my race you should worry about. The mermaids and swan maidens are the ones you should worry about. They are so mean sometimes, and I hear they use humans to boost their magical prowess. Like, use them in a bad way.”
Metatron listened but he only needed to know they were harming humans to know this was the right thing to do. Ana had not even finished talking before he walked up to the secretary nearby and began talking with the bored angel behind the desk.

“I want every available Angel to go to Earth and find these creatures. Bring them here. So far as I can tell, we are now inducting them all into this school, so get the necessary paperwork ready as well. I want every Syren up here and in orientation by start of the next school epoch. I'm going to go dig a lake for them to live in."

The End

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