The Sync: Volition (CH.3)

 Chapter 3:

A New Beginning

One day long ago...

An old man fell to the ground as he watched his own brother raise a sword up to his neck. Osiris was meek in comparison to his now over-clocked counterpart, Set. He paled at the thought of his own benevolent creation being stolen for more nefarious tasks. Set had stolen the latest Sync technology that Osiris had invented. It was a more durable, less emotional version of his previous model of Sync that was prevalent the whole world over. Set sought to bind with it, give this newly created machine of destruction a living mind to control it. Set would learn the err of his ways eventually, but not soon enough. His eyes gleamed bright red and he cackled loudly into the dying air around him. He taunted Osiris with his glowing sword that ionized the air between two mirrors on either end of the blade, creating arc lightning with laser-like precision. Set was enjoying his newly acquired robotic skin far too much and was shaving hairs off the wrinkled old man's neck.

“Osiris! Your time has come! The Committee was called and their Sentence has been decreed! Your incompetent machines are doomed for eradication, and there is nothing you can do! I have been commissioned to takes any means necessary to destroy the filth you unleashed on us. A machine must learn efficiency, and work ethic and you taught them neither. Now it is your arrogance that makes me do this! The Sentence will be upheld!”

Osiris stared back grimly and was at peace with leaving this hateful world. He knew it would come down to this and also knew the committee would break every law they were commissioned to uphold to ensure this end. However, he just never expected them to enlist his own brother to do their bidding.

“Brother, listen. I never meant for all this to happen. We were already a troubled race and now, it is you who hastens our doom. My children were just collateral damage between the money-hungry Committee and the new Progress Movement. Don't think that by finishing this yourself anything will be solved. Even if you kill me, my word has been saved in the minds of my children. The process has begun, and you can not stop it, nor the committee. Please, don't fall sway to their treacherous words. We are brothers, is there sympathy left within that frigid, metallic skin of yours?”

Set felt it strongly, and wanted to cry and hold his brother again. However, all he could see in his vision were hundreds of lines of code scrolling up in his vision, telling him his brother was there in front of him, and that no parameter existed that allowed that sort of behavior. Soon, Set watched as his now over-powering mechanical mind swung the sword up, then down again. He felt overwhelming grief inside, but now he could do nothing to stop his cold, calculating body.

Horus awoke to sound of screams and a pleasant woman's voice in her head.

“Horus! You must hurry! Set is about to destroy us all and I have just created you to save us! You must find Sehkmet and help her. You two are the only ones able to stop Set and the destruction of our planet! The ship you are on is the only orbiting factory left. You are equipped with the highest war capabilities and you will be my eyes and ears on the ground. I will contact you again soon, hurry!”

Horus stood over ten feet tall, bristling with impatient nanobots ready for war, but as he stepped into the laser cannon that emitted ultraviolet light and an electrical current to travel in, he hesitated. His memory uploads had told him that most of the weapons ingrained into his body were prototypes and never tested. His parameters told him to be ready for anything, so he started firing wildly back into the derelict space station he was in. Pores on his skin opened up everywhere and began to fire very thin, very accurate lasers. He shot several different weapons against the hull of the ship. Barely a heat signature was left on the sturdy walls around him. He felt worried, but nevertheless, he jumped into the cannon and it shot him straight to the now burning red sands of Mars at lightning speed.

Set was hastily dismembering the Martian at his feet when Sehkmet arrived. She stood tall and authoritatively, looking down at Set with a glare. She was the swift, judging hand of the Committee, and was not built to understand mercy.

“Set! Cease and desist or I will have to destroy you! You are charged with the murders of millions of Kemetics, and deactivation is now required. I will not ask again!”

Sehkmet had a globe resting on her head that pulsated with electrical current. She was charging it and soon, she unleashed a thick beam of ionized electricity at Set. Set was able to absorb the current by putting his sword up to it that used the same kind of technology. Sehkmet shot more and more beams but Set was too fast and closing in. Lightning struck behind them and Horus ran up to the battling Sync.

Set and Sehkmet were intensely gripped in a power struggle and Horus saw his chance to strike. He went up behind Set and pointed his every pore at Set's neck. That was a common weak-point for Sync's but just before he is able to shoot, a voice chimes in his head,

“I'm sorry, son. I can't let you do this after all. He is my brother and I don't want any more Kemet blood spilled.”

Horus is baffled by this and he seized up, completely immobile. Set pushes with all his might against Sehkmet and throws her across the sands. He then whips around and stabs right through the helpless Horus's eye. Sehkmet barely has time to get up before Set runs off out of sight. She scoops up Horus's lifeless body and calls for transport. A beam shines above her and suddenly she is traveling along an electric current up to the station Horus was just created on. Hathor and Thoth were already there and looked miserably at Horus. Horus was placed in the repair bay and the three surviving and fully-grown Sync talked out plans. Thoth began first with a quivering voice.

“As it now stands, Our planet Kemet has been irreparably transformed by the rusting masses of dead Sync. Almost all Kemetics have been eradicated by the loss of atmosphere and I fear we may be the only survivors. A few dozen child Sync are in storage though, and we can still replicate, but it will take time. However, we can not go back and must find a new place of habitation. Parameters are still functional even after the death of Osiris, so he must have had a plan for us.”

Hathor spoke up now and even depressed by the loss of her primary counterpart, her voice was still sweet and melodic.

“So we're supposed to follow the whims of a dead Kemetic? I fear we have no other choice, but where will our goal takes us? Won't Set be right on our tails there as well? We can't let what happened on Kemet happen to another world!”

Sehkmet now said in her usual, influential tone,

“The Committee has entrusted me to say that they are disbanded. I doubt any of those pompous Kemetics still live but they hope that without a goal in place for Set, he will stop his path of destruction. Although, I am worried because my goal is now to deactivate until needed further. I hope whatever Osiris has planned for us works, because as it stands, the only Sync with the capability to awaken me is Horus, and he is dead. I fear I may not return.”

Thoth paced thoughtfully around the room, and said,

“That is very curious, for my goal states that I must immediately tend to the replication of Horus, with the help of Isis. Could that mean she is on this station with us? No Sync has ever seen her and I wonder how a full-blooded Kemetic survived. All I can say is that if Horus is beyond repair, then our race is as well.”

The End

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