The Sync: Volition (CH.2)

Chapter 2


The far-reaching sands ended at a lush riverbank with vibrant, green foliage bursting out of the earth. A falcon sat perched on Horus's shoulder, cooing, as he wandered into the thick brush near the river. It brought great joy to Horus to have another friend. Thoth had gone off towards the bustling walled city nearby wearing his Ibis mask and carrying manuscripts depicting himself as the Messenger of the Gods.

Before he left Horus, He told him through bouts of laughter that his goals were intensely easy. Once these humans revered us all as Gods, they would be easy to control and adapt to. After a few of us were depicted as their all-powerful overlords, we would change our appearance to live among them and attune their civilization to one more to our benefit. Our children would be safe, fully integrated into this nubile society, while the originals get to live as long as they deem fit as kings, heir of gods. Horus thought to himself that commanding a bunch of simpletons around to do his every bidding seemed unfair, but it sounded like it might be pleasing nonetheless. He just hoped that their influence wouldn't be detrimental to this budding society.

Horus walked on through the thick brush until he came to the edge of a wide river. He loved the wildlife surrounding him and smiled at each cat or snake that rubbed against his leg. They flocked to him, though he didn't know why, but it made him feel wanted and that made him happier than he could remember. In his view, the compass heading began to dip downwards as he faced the river and he sat down on the rocks by the water.

He had not yet been taught about water and wondered of the effect on his body. He dipped his hands into it and felt cool water rush through his fingers and into his skin's pores. It revitalized him as it coursed through his veins and the animals around him drank from his dripping feet. Finally, after much deliberation, he waded into the water and submersed himself.

Swimming through the Nile was exhilarating for Horus but the creatures down below weren't as responsive to him as the land-dwelling ones. Pushing against the current swiftly, the sides of the river began to widen, until he met with much less force and much deeper waters. He continued, sinking to the bottom, where he found a great many rocks and vibrant sea-life. He swam underneath one looming boulder that led to a small hole in its bottom. He stuck his head out into the pocket of air and it opened up to a pitch-black cave. Then, he sees her. 

Hathor is there surrounded by other Syncs of various sizes. She smiles, and runs to his side almost knocking him over as soon as he pulls himself up. They embrace and it feels good to do this newly found form of showing endearment. For Horus, it is even better than the one given by Thoth, and all he can think of is how beautiful she is.

“It's so good to see you Horus. I've waited so long. We have so much to discuss. Come meet your children. They are almost fully replicated.”

There were six little versions of Hathor that ran up and began dancing around him. They all held hands in a circle and changed their face's outward appearance out of respect for their long-lost father. Horus had not seen them since they were only three inches tall, and he had cut them off his own hand. They smiled and sang and melded hands with one another in a circular dance with Horus at the center. Eventually, Horus and his significant other sat down and gazed into each others eyes in the pitch-blackness of the underwater cave.


After a half-dozen uploads, a dozen more dances, and days of using his newly-found means of creating energy, Horus had almost completed the necessary software upgrades needed to proceed. His children showed him how punching walls and digging was a fine way to store potential and thermal energy. Horus had never felt more alive than when he was digging holes with his sons. The children had made little impact in this small cave surrounded by enormous dripping rocks and still many of the ornate drawings on the walls were intact after a hundred or so years of pounding. Although, now with Horus at their side, They were digging holes right through the solid rock, shifting rocks above them precariously. They were laughing heartily until a several ton boulder cracked above Hathor, and she was left holding it up until her family returned. Horus aided in pushing the boulder aside and took this as a sign to leave this ancient cavern.

Thoth stood on a wooden cart with his Ibis mask on, and was hollering to a crowd below him. He had told them he was messenger of the gods, and was telling these mere humans about the great war between Osiris and Set. The humans looked at him with cocked heads and were still deciding if this man was insane or telling the truth.

“Hear me, young brethren! I have the truth here inscribed on these stones, and it now your time to rise up! Osiris watches over all of us even after death, and Horus is your protector! Horus has lost an eye to save the worlds, and he is the savior of all life as we know it! Osiris was slain by Set, a man of chaos, and it is up to you to stop him again. Worship us and we shall use our benevolent powers to protect you, or shun us and receive the full wrath of Set, bringer of thunder!”

Many humans had bowed to their knees in front of this man, but still some critics stood sprinkled in the crowd. Finally one man spoke, and he held a jug of wine up to the air to finalize his thoughts.

“Now, how do I know you're a god? Sure, you teach us how write with your funny little pictures, and you give this new barley seed that is delicious, but how do we know that if this really angry Set exists, that you can protect us?”

The back-and-forth banter continued, as the Sync programmed only to understand and mediate with no weaponry installed, tried to convince these people he was powerful. All the while, a storm began to gather high above him.

Horus left his children and wife back at the riverbank and now neared the center of the nearby town where Thoth could be heard arguing with a drunk. Horus listened and laughed at the slurring simpleton's inquiries about his past.

“So ok, I believe you're all-powerful or whatever, but I don't think these people will remember such a boring story. What if Set not only killed Osiris, but dismembered him, ripped his privates off and ate them? Then, I would surely remember that he was evil. And Horus sounds great and all, but what if he was so mad at losing his eye, that he rips the testicles off of Set? Now that, is a story we can listen to!”

Horus turned a corner and saw Thoth shaking his head furiously and pointing at chiseled rocks at his feet.

“No, No, No! This is our history and now, as your gods, it is your history as well! We can't deface our past to the level of debauchery you seek!”

The argument dragged on as Horus sat and laughed at these idiotic humans. The very idea of asserting control over these beings seemed trivial and unnecessary. They cared little for tradition and now seemed to be afraid of water as it began to rain.

“Fine! Run away you stinky apes! I am the messenger of the gods, but I guess that means nothing to you all! Remember whatever you want from this story! I did my goal here! I'm through with your silly town of Thebes!”

Lightning began to strike behind Thoth, and he walked downtrodden towards Horus. Horus still had a smile on his face, and they embraced. Thoth would not end his grumbling about these stupid creatures until one bolt of lightning struck directly behind him. Normally, Sync don't jump at the sight of lightning, and rather enjoy the solid boost in energy that they gained from being struck. However this was a dead straight line of lightning that struck, and both Sync standing there knew exactly what that meant. It was the more efficient way of traveling for war-faring Sync, and only one Sync was on this planet currently battle-ready, Horus. Children and old women alike poked their head out of their huts to see what frightened the “almighty, messenger of the gods,” and stare with mouths agape.

Cracked glass surrounded the spot that lightning struck, and in the middle of all of it, stood a sixteen-foot tall Sync brandishing a sword. He looked down at Horus, who stood half-his size, and cackled deeply.

“HORUS! I have come for you! We have unfinished business! My goal is to exterminate all Sync by any means necessary and I'll finish it even if there is no planet left to save from your kind! The sentence must be upheld!”

Just then, Horus's children ran to his side and began to dance several times faster than they ever have before. Relieved, Horus reached out his hands and melded with the hands of his line of children. Soon, The children began to melt into periodic waves that swept up Horus's skin. With each wave, his children shrank, and his own skin began to bulk and pulsate. Horus grew taller and screamed with rage at Set as a new goal appeared in his sight.

  1. Goal of active unit: Kill Set, protect the wildlife, and avenge your Father.

The End

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