The Swordsmen of Olde

The Swordsmen of Olde: The Final Magician

Prologue: A Great Loss


COLT SAT DOWN under the shade of an old oak tree. He pulled off his bandana and lay it down beside him. The distant cry of a goshawk rang out across the land, breaking the silence. He drooped his head downward, staring at the grass between his legs. It was turning yellow now. It was dying. The one blade of grass that was still green eventually faded its colour and began dying as well. But something was wrong in the land of Olde, where Colt was wide eyed staring at the grass. Normally, the Magicians of Olde would be using their power to liven the grass at all times. They’d created a Life Spell that they had casted on the grass. This scenario was unusual. As soon as the grass turned yellow, it would always just sprout back to its usual lush colour. There were twelve Magicians of Olde… well not really. There were only eleven of them… but prophecies said that there would soon be a twelfth that would reveal himself to the Council of Elders.

Colt’s deep thinking was interrupted by Salen, his best friend.

“What’s up Colt? You look so… distressed.”

“Not distressed just,” Colt paused, “confused.”

“Why? What’s wrong?” asked Salen.

“Honestly, I really don’t know. Have you seen the grass?”

“No. I wasn’t really paying attention to an inanimate, everyday plant growing on the ground,” said Salen sarcastically.

“Ha, ha. How funny,” Colt laughed. “But really, look. It’s all… dead.”

“Well, that’s what grass does! Grows, lives, dies. Nothing interesting.” said Salen.

“But shouldn’t the Life Spell be preventing the grass from dying?”

“Well now that you mention it… yeah, yeah it should.” agreed Salen.

  The two of them let the forest silence consume them, without speaking. The steady silence grew until not even the chirp of a bird could be heard. The only sound left was the rushing Yale River water flowing into its own waterfall. Something is wrong here, thought Colt. Something isn’t right.

Growing anxious by the awkward quiet, Colt said, “Let’s go back to my place. I have to take care of something.”

Salen agreed. With a grunt, Colt got to his feet and put back on his red bandana. Then, they walked.


AFTER ABOUT HALF an hour, give or take, walking past endless groups of trees, animals, trees and some more animals, Colt and Salen reached a clearing. They walked up a bare, lush green hillside. At the top was Colt’s house.

“Why do you live so far away from everyone? I mean, why would you want to be so isolated from everyone else?” asked Salen.

“I like the quiet. It’s easier to think.” replied Colt as he opened the door.

Closing the door behind him, Salen walked after Colt up the stairs into Colt’s study.

“I’ve never been in here before,” said Salen amazed as he gazed mesmerized around the large room.

“This study is really important to me. It belonged to my dad before he passed away,” Colt said shakily.


The study was cluttered with books and scrolls and bottles and paper. Colt paced farther into the room, dodging between bookshelves as he went. He sat down at a desk that was submerged entirely under a mishmash of books. He picked a rather large one up that said: MAGIC OF THE OLDE. He flipped through the everlasting amount of Olde Spells and Charms until he reached the very center of the overly long book. Colt pressed his hand onto a page of the book and pulled. A square piece of paper with writing on it came loose. Colt set it down beside his arm on the desk.

“What are you doing?’ asked Salen.

Where the square of paper had been was a small hollow. In it rested a blue sphere. The sphere glowed faintly and lit an adjoining dim light around it. Colt picked up the sphere and shook it.

“Mom,” he said.

Mist and smoke coiled inside the sphere. Suddenly, a face appeared in the sphere, and projected itself into the air in front of him and Salen.

“Oh good, you’re both safe!” said Colt’s mom, Auria.

“Safe? Safe from what?” asked Colt.

“Safe from whatever evil kidnapped and killed four of the Magicians of Olde!” exclaimed Auria unhappily.

“Whoa! Something was powerful enough to kidnap four Magicians?! That terrible!” yelled Salen.

“Yes, it is a great loss for us, for with those four Magicians missing and the creature on the loose, there’ll be chaos! I can already see the grass dying!” shouted Auria.

“I could see it too!” answered Colt.

"So it is already spreading..." his mom's voice drifted off.

"MOM!" yelled Colt.

"Oh, I'm sorry, just... be careful you two. It isn't safe to be aimlessly wandering outside today."

"Sure, mom."

""Salen?" said Auria.

"Okay Mrs. Heap," Salen adressed Auria.

The picture in the orb shimmered, and then vanished. Colt returned the orb into its hollow and then closed the book.

The End

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