Ch.2 - A Friend Comes to Visit

 "Well yes, Tyler is home. Would you like to come inside while I go get him?", Rita asked as she held the door open and stepped aside for Rin to pass into the entry way.

"How do you know Tyler? Are you a friend of his from school?" She asked closing the door behind them.

"Tyler is a friend, but no, not from school. We've known each other for a while now and have had some pretty good times," said Rin as he turned to face Rita, who had moved a few steps into the entryway.

"He has never mentioned you to me at all. And with a unique name as Rin, I'm sure I'd remember if he had.

"He is pretty shy. We've gotten to know each other over the last couple months." Rin was looking around at the living room of the house at the pictures hanging on the wall, the piano in the corner, and the back wall of bookcases with not a spot left empty. "You have a very lovely home, Mam."

"Oh, forgive me, would like to have a seat on the sofa? Soda perhaps, and I'll go get Tyler", she said as she started moving toward the kitchen.

"A glass of water would be okay," Rin replied.

As he was waiting for Rita to return, Rin walked to the fireplace that was inside the left-hand wall of the living room. On top of it was twenty or so family pictures, most of them prominently featuring Tyler doing a variety of things. There were some of him bike riding jumping over dirt mounds, some of him fishing with an older man and proudly displaying his catch. There were a few of him up to bat in a baseball game and many pictures of him and his family.

Rin, himself, hadn't had a family in a very long time. His father had been a soldier in five realms war of Dalen Nah and had been killed in a far off land. His mother, having not the strength to deal with his loss had taken her own life at the Great Falls of Keeyan.

As he was about to tear up at the remembrance of his family, lost when he was just a boy of eight. Rita came back into the room with a glass of water.

"Here you go then," I hope it's not too cold for you.

"There is never such as thing as too cold of water to drink," he said as he made his way to the sofa and sat down. "Thank you very much for the offer."

"Well, then, now that we have been introduced, I'll run upstairs and see if I can pry Tyler from his video game. I'll be back in just a few minutes."

Rita made her way up the flight of stairs that were left hand corner of the house, just past the fireplace, turned around and walked down the hall to the third door on the right. Taped to the door was a sign that Rita thought summed up Tyler's feelings over the last few months. She thought she had tried about everything she could think of to bring him out of his shell. The sign was just a piece of standard writing paper, but in three lines, in very bright red, were the words "Please Go Away". After giving a sigh, she knocked on the door and called out Tyler's name. She did this twice, and when Tyler didn't reply, she opened the door.

Tyler was sitting in his leather chair; legs crossed under him, no shirt, and just a pair of boxers on. He was a pretty neat kid though. The clothes he had taken off were neatly folded and sitting on the foot end of his bed. Just in case he needed to put them back on for something. He had his headphones on and was concentrating hard on the game that he was playing.

Dark Rising, the game that had become his obsession since moving into town was a first person action adventure. Every so often she would get him to talk about the game and what he was doing and what the mission was, but she didn't know the character names. And since it was a first person game, she couldn't see the character he was playing as. If she had, she might have been a little startled that the boy in the game looked a lot like the boy currently sitting on the couch in the living room, drinking a glass of water.

Rita walked up to Tyler, trying to get into his peripheral vision so he would see he coming since she knew he couldn't hear her. Tyler was so intent on the game that he didn't notice his mother coming at all. With a very light touch, she placed her right hand on his left shoulder, which startled Tyler so much he nearly fell back out of his chair.

"Gees mom!" he said trying to catch his breath. He put his game on pause so his character wouldn't get killed.

"You either need to turn down the volume a little or I'm going to have to start flashing the lights when I come in."

"Is dinner ready? I still have about five minutes on the clock before it's done." With that, he got up out of his chair and grabbed his pair of jeans from the bed and started to put them on.

"No, your right. It still has about five minutes to go. But you have a visitor in the living room."

Tyler stopped in his tracks with his shirt just pulled over this head. "Who is here wanting to visit me?", he asked pulling the shirt down the rest of the way. "It's not like I have any friends at school that I'd want to invite over."

"He said that he doesn't know you from school," Rita said handing Tyler his socks to put on as he sat down on the bed. "But he said he has known you for a couple of months. Did you join an after school club or something and didn't tell me?"

Pulling on his socks, Tyler looked at his mother and said "No, I haven't." Pulling on his shoes and lacing them up he asked "What's his name?".

"Not one that I've ever heard of before. And he is dressed kind of weird. He says his name in Rin."

"Excuse me? What did you say his name was", Tyler asked nearly falling head first to the floor at the sound of the name. "Did you say his name is Rin?", he asked again as he stood up.

"Yes, that is what he said he name is. And all his is wearing what looks like a leather kilt and ancient Egyptian sandals."

With a look of complete non-belief on his face, standing there in the middle of his room now fully clothed again, his mother just a few feet in front of him, Tyler whispered "That's impossible."

The End

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