Jake tells them why he was there

For those of them that knew Jake well
and those two were far too few
Had hoped that he had brought a bell
instead of the horn he blew

Now Jake was he a farmer, see?
That much, you'll pray I tell,
who sang or built crude chanties
depending on how you spell

I says, I said, there were two of us,
who had known Jake was quite the fell*,
Aye, he'd spit and he did chew and cuss,
but he never was one to yell.

This was all that was known of Jake, as found on one of his compatriot's persona, perhaps in the pockets of their pantaloons.  There has been some question regarding this person's prophetic powers,  for as soon as Jake blew the horn, all three of them were trampled in an immediate stampede of cattle, who neither stayed nor went, but were there all the same, in some fashion, depending on how you should have looked at it.

*fell  was a colloquial abbreviation for fellow,  much like "fam" is used today for "family", so common context would include, "Oh, today, I'm hangin' with the fell."  or, "How's the fell?"                                                                       

The End

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