Jake's important part in the story is revealed and no one cares

All of the characters without names, only occupations, and species names like crabs and dolphins, had been killed by orcs, who apparently had been killed too. Only those people with names who weren't killed, and weren't named Brynawyndil, and Jake were left standing in the forest in the aftermath of the bloodbath.

Errol stood among them, because he had a name. So did the woman whose name was not Brynawyndil, but she still had a name - she just wouldn't tell anyone what it was. The colour of her eyes were swirly lavender milk, which made anyone who looked at them, dizzy.

The two men of the hand had names, because that were their names, Andy and Randy Menofthehand. They were there to search for other men and/or women of the Menofthehand family who were legendary holders, or maybe just beholders of the sword of  A'Shinth'ea'h'x'g'e.

Daugleriadhwen, whose name did not mean adored warrior, but acrobat doppleganger, was also there, along with a few men with capes and bows, and suchlike. They also had names, but they hadn't revealed them yet.

"Hey! I'm Jake!" Jake yelled as he stood toward the centre of the bloodbath path.

"I have an important part in the story to reveal!" Nobody was listening.

Acrobat doppleganger and the woman whose name was not Brynawindel were arguing about whose eyes were scarier, and were not listening. Randy and Andy Menofthehand were grilling the men in capes to see if they were also Menofthehand, and they were also not listening.

That is to say that they were not questioning the men relentlessly, which is  one meaning of  'grilling'.  Andy and Randy were actually grilling the men over a fire, to see if torturing the men of the capes would make them reveal their names.

Jake could not be heard over the screams of the grilling men, so he blew into an enormous cow horn that he carried with him.


No one could hear themselves think over the cacophony, so they all stopped and turned toward the noise.

The End

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