The riddle is answered, but at the cost of a melodramatic subplot emerging.

Trees! Soup! Dirt! Grass! A hat! Tree! Flowers! Beer! Green lantern! Money! Ooh that's a good one, is it money? A grasshopper! Thistle! Trees! Elves! Water! Salad!

The dolphin thing had very little time to hear which guesses were said at what time and so it counted them all as the first guess and indeed one of them was the right answer but he never said which one. So everyone was really glad to get going because they'd stopped for a whole half an hour at that one spot in the woods, and everyone was pretty hungry too as it had been only 2:30 when they'd last been at McDonalds and most of them had forgotten to eat then anyway, what with the color balls.

By the way I'm the original guy, who was narrating before, and that's why I'm talking about them in 3rd person, because while I was there, in a way I wasn't there, because it's like, you wouldn't be able to relate to me in the same way if I defined myself as one of the characters. So don't think I'm an outsider looking in, because I was there the whole time, even in the bar with Errol before all the other people started walking in, so I'm even sort of a veteran member if you want to think about it that way.

The businessman offered me a deal I couldn't refuse though, because he wanted to narrate some of the story so that his character could have more time in the spotlight, and although that wasn't what I had initially come to talk with him about, he convinced me that it really WAS what I had come to talk to him about, I just didn't know it yet. But anyway, the dolphin crab lion thing went along with the group into the Region of the Hand, and along the way that started to really tick certain people off.

It was undeniably a beast of burden, and so everyone piled up their luggage on its back of a unicorn, which was wet from the constant spewing of water out the dolphin's blowhole, so everyone's stuff was getting wet, and on top of that, the quintuplets had had a troubled childhood involving dolphins and unicorns and so they were crying.

Errol kept pointing out deer prints whenever he would see them, which were fun, and some people would run off in the direction of the prints and never be seen again. They played the alphabet game, you know the game where you look around and try to find an A, and then a B, and then a C, and so on in that fashion, but they couldn't find any of them except that one of the candlestick makers had an X on his t-shirt, but they didn't think it was likely they'd ever make it that far.

"Oh look a lizard!" squealed Errol, pointing to a tree, but no one really cared. Just then, thousands of pairs of yellow gleaming eyes blinked hideously at them through the surrounding trees, and then orcs jumped out from literally everywhere!

Now as you'd imagine, most of the gang were well prepared for this, carrying swords or bows-and-arrows of some sort, and many had warrior face paint on and were in it to win it. All of them had fight training because otherwise, they would never make it past the first orc battle, and it was only the 10th chapter or something, so that would be stupid. But I don't want to give away any of the plot.

So, orcs jumping out from all directions, face paint on and everyone roaring their various individual battle cries, and they form this giant huddle in the middle where it's hard to tell who's who, like in the movies? and then the orcs kill all the guys on the outside of the circle, leaving exactly all of the named characters alive and everyone else dead, except for one mysterious, previously unnamed character, who immediately raises eyebrows.

His name was Jake.

The End

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