The alliance starts a rival gang and threatens to leave

The doubtful and the doughballs formed an alliance, for no other reason than that they were bored. When Errol commanded that they leave McDonald's, they decided they didn't really want to leave the colourballs. The doughboys wanted to stay, because the balls looked like coloured doughlumps, but the doubtful weren't sure.

The most outspoken of the doughdillies stood in the middle of the colourlumps, and declared that they were going to leave the group! Since the rest of the group had already left, it was a moot point anyway. The doubtful straggled along behind Errol's group, but the doughballers stayed behind to play with their coloured balls.

Errol wandered forward aimlessly, which is to say not armlessly, because he still had two arms, and a dagger the size of a penknife. The crowd was so large by this time that it made crossing a six lane highway rather difficult. About half the crowd decided to cross that highway anyway, and most of them even made it.

The group that crossed the highway did not include Errol, the children, Bernard, the acrobat doppelganger, the woman in deepest blue satin, whose name was also not Brynawindel, the figure in black with a cape, the man in the long green cape, a few others that wanted to stay with Errol, and various sundry Men of the Hand selling sundries out of hand.

They sallied forth to find the sword of A'Shint'l'ef'tra'th'g'x  along quiet country lanes and forests, because the possibility of fighting dragons in the forest was less likely than fighting Hummers on the highway.

The End

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