Errol talks his way out of it

"Oh, I'm sorry", said Errol, with an apologetic look, while kicking at some unseen dirt sheepishly.  "I'm just hungry."

"That's OK", said the man.  "The reason I grabbed your wrist, is because I recognized you right away."

Errol looked more closely at the man's face, and had to stifle an audible gasp. 


"Yes, it's me, son.  Let's go home."

And so, it was that the prodigal Errol, who had disappeared so many years ago, an angst ridden teen, more interested in finding out who he wasn't than more importantly, who he was, had ran away only to be hurt by anyone who pretended to call themself his friend.

And it was then that Errol realized that home truly was where the heart was.

The End

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