One of the characters is not sure if having "Brywandil" as a middle name should count, and maybe he should leave

Bernard Hustaciouston Brynawindyl Rigotti Jones was somewhere in the middle of the group as they piled into the fenced-in playground area outside the McDonalds because a 2/3 majority of them really wanted to jump in the color-balls. Bernard had considered leaving the group many times, but as is the case with characters with so many names and unrevealed backgrounds, he had nowhere else to go, and harbored a secret reason for wanting to continue the quest which he dare not reveal to anyone else, at least until he had a scene or two alone with another character and then they could slowly gain each other's trust. But for now, he had decided to remain decidedly quiet about his true intentions, and to stay with the group despite his possibly disqualifying condition. So, not wanting to stand out in case anyone realized he had Brynawindyl as a middle name, he went along into the color-balls with the majority of the group.

It was difficult to stand in the color-balls as the doubtful and the doughmakers had pledged an alliance and were attempting to defend their territory, although the 7-or-8 tall, dark, men in black robes were proving to be a strong force against them. Bernard, some quintuplets, and the businessman were smooshed together in the middle and were discussing the various uses of pterodactyl venom; Bernard, in a pickle trying to decide whether asking them if pterodactyls even HAD venom would cause too much attention to be drawn to himself, and if that might throw some red flags and bring into question his status of not being named Brynawindyl.

At Errol's command, they left McDonald's in a slow-walking hoard, and some children followed them. Errol thought he saw the children's parents being distracted by a conversation with the man with fish hands and a man with a sea anemone for a head, who had become quite good friends, and didn't notice as their children wandered off with the crowd of strangers. But Errol figured that if their names were truly not Brynawindil then surely no harm would come to them.

Just to be certain, Errol, as he had begun to frequently do at random intervals and when everyone was least expecting it, shouted, "Brynawindil?!"

Silence. Bernard coughed awkwardly.

Well, that's alright, then, thought Errol, and they continued on their way to what would definitely eventually be some island with a castle and everything.

The End

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