Something happens that has them going somewhere on their own accord

In a frenzy, Errol decided what to do without really thinking about any of the repercussions or plot holes that might happen because of it. But he knew one thing, which was that still more characters were sporadically trickling in through the doors, and that if he didn't do this now, there would be far too many names in here for anyone to remember.

He jumped up on top of the bar to get everyone's attention, but seven of the 15 total quintuplets as well as the two guys arm-wrestling were also on top of the bar and making a lot more noise and a much better distraction than he was, so then he had to run the length of the bar back and forth a few times in order to catch anyone's eye, and even then it was only like one dude that actually noticed him. So he slugged the bartender in the face and knocked him out cold, because obviously everyone would want a drink sooner or later. Then, when some people realized they wanted more to drink and the rest of the people realized the bartender was on the ground bleeding from the nose, Errol finally had the floor. 

And lo, he stood aloft on the bar that dreary night and said to them: "My friends... those of the Hand, as well as those not of the Hand, I have a dark and terrible and interesting secret to reveal to you all! Is anyone here familiar with... The Sword Of A'Shingth'eah'x'g'p'e?"

The silence was palpable, as was the chilly breeze that drifted among them, fluttering all their robes of various different solid colors and their long luscious shining hair, as the door opened again to admit a businessman into their midst, who stood with them as they all continued to gape silently at Errol's dramatic pause.

"The Sword Of A'Shineth'ing'he'x'di'l," he explained, "is a mythical sword of extreme power, which has laid dormant for the past 9 billion eons, but there is a prophecy that tells of it's being found in this year, before the sun rises with the next spring, by either a hobbit, a tall dark man, an even taller man in green, a stony sincere woman with pale ivory milky white skin, a woman with a name that means "acrobat doppleganger" in elvish, a celtic priest, a man with fish hands, a fiendish fellow with a rat's nose (in his hand), a quintuplet, a bartender, a businessman, and there are probably some others but I don't remember them all.

"The legendary Sword is said to be hidden somewhere in a secret passage, underneath a nameless castle of incomprehensible power and background story, on a nameless island which cannot be found by any modern means of navigation. Therefore, my friends, I call upon you, upon ALL of you: Let us take this journey together, to find this all powerful Sword of A'Shinth'ta'hem'x'l'dr!"

And so it was, that all 25 or so of them (because the people who left, like the priest and the man with the rat nose, and whoever else, all of them came back in time before everyone left) set out to begin the Quest for the Sword of A'Shint'l'ef'tra'th'g'x. Whether or not there actually ever was such a legend about such a sword, remains to be seen.

The End

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