More Trouble through the Door

The stranger looked towards the voice, but the door flew open once again to reveal another stranger. This one was taller than the first, dressed in a long green cape, the muddy hem trailing around the ankles of the figure's knee-high boots as he stormed into the room. Errol Dreef shuddered as he noticed the longbow across the newcomer's shoulders. The bow was massive, far bigger than any the halfling had seen before, and a series of strange runes had been etched painstakingly into the stave. The figure snarled and wheeled on the man, a pair of bright golden eyes glowing out of his snarling face.

"What do you mean by dragging us here?" the figure snapped. "You know we will find no welcome among such ignorant fools as these."

The man sighed and looked at his hands. "Forgive my companion's rudeness. We have come far, and I'm afraid his temper may have worsened for it."

The newcomer snorted and tossed his head irritably, as if he were a horse flicking away at bothersome flies. The man sighed and called to the barman again.

"Another drink for my friend here, and make it strong." he looked back at his drink, and Errol heard him mumble almost incoherently, "We're going to need it at this rate."

The End

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