The Sweet Blasphemy: PrologueMature


Andrianna’s point of view

As I set the mirror down on the table, I sighed at my appearance. It seemed that I was looking worse and worse, regardless of what everyone else said. I got up, deciding it was no use, and adjusted my dress again, walking downstairs. My father was at work again, and probably would be back at around eleven. It was nice to pretend that he might call me and ask me where I was, but I knew that was unlikely.
Today was my best friend, Violet’s birthday. I was obligated to show up. I never enjoyed parties with Violet. Something always happened, no matter how many precautions were taken to make sure nothing happened.
I sighed, opening the door, and stepping out onto the pavement. I walked quickly, and made it to Violet’s hose in ten minutes.
Violet opened the door and smiled. “Andrianna! It took you long enough.”
I smiled sheepishly, and handed her the gift…four tickets to see her favorite band, Flyleaf. She smiled again. “Thanks!”
I nodded coldly and smiled. “No problem.”

I stepped outside for air after about twenty minutes. I didn’t like dealing with people, dancing with people, watching twelve to thirteen year olds do drugs. It just seemed weird…I always associated it with having to drag Violet’s overdosing ass to the hospital whenever something happened. I wanted nothing to do with it.
“Hey, Andrianna.” Gerry, Violet’s boyfriend said to me when I sat on the steps. He chuckled, awkwardly averting his eyes to the ground. “You look great.”
I managed a small smile. “You’re stepping out for air too?”
“Yeah. It kind of smells like a meth lab in there or something.” Gerry replied. “Do you want to go for a walk or something?”
I nodded. “Yeah. That would be great. Let’s go.”


Gerry’s point of view

So, I’ll admit it. I liked Andrianna a lot. I did since fourth grade. It completely escaped me as to how I ended up with Violet, but the point is I did. I was planning on breaking up with her tonight and going for Andrianna, presuming everything went smoothly.
As Andrianna and I started walking, I felt like I was in my element. I felt like no matter what, I could relate to Andrianna, and that I would do anything for her.
We neared the end of our walk after an hour. I reached for Andrianna, to give her a hug…that was fine, I hugged her all the time, but I felt motivated now. I felt like the whole world would end if I didn’t kiss her, didn’t tell her I loved her…funny how people’s minds work like that, right?
As I reached for her, leaning in, she shoved me away. “Gerry…no. I love you as a friend, but I can’t do this. Violet’s my best friend. I don’t want to hurt her.” Without saying another word, she walked back inside. I trailed awkwardly behind her, hoping that somehow I could get her to forgive me.

Andrianna’s point of view

We all sat awkwardly in a circle, as I watched Gerry spin the bottle. I turned. Violet was asleep on the couch…typical. Everyone else had gone home, except for Violet’s really close, Gerry, Mitch, Gray, Samantha, Olivia, Marissa, Ally, and Jonas. We had gotten bored watching a re-run of CSI, so we were now playing Seven Minutes in Heaven…worst. Goddamned. Game. Ever. I didn’t care what anyone said, I fucking hated that game.
Gerry went in the closet with Marissa. It was weird, no one was objecting to the fact that Gerry was technically cheating on Violet. I turned to Mitch.
“Why is Gerry…” I gestured to the closet.
“He’s breaking up with Violet tomorrow.”
“He said there was this girl that he really, really liked…between you and me, I think it’s Samantha.”
I nodded. “Understandable.”
But wait…was that why Gerry had tried to kiss me? Was that why he had been acting weirder and weirder around me recently? What would Violet think? Why in the hell would he have decided on me?
I thought more and more as I finally went to sleep, at around 2:30 in the morning, and the lights went out. I tried to dream, but it was hard…very hard.
I felt someone shaking me awake. I looked to the alarm clock on the coffee table…it was 3:15 in the morning. The room was pitch black.
A whisper…it was Gerry’s voice. “Andrianna, wake up.”
I reached for my cellphone and flipped it open so I could get some light---holy shit, he had a knife. What the hell was going on?
“Andrianna, be very quiet.” He said, gesturing to the knife. “Come on, get up.”
I did what I was told…this wasn’t exactly a very desirable situation to be in….if I didn’t do what he said, he’d probably kill me. Now,  if I did, something equally unappealing was probably going to happen.
He grabbed me by the wrist and he dragged me into a closet. It still was impossible to see. Gerry didn’t reach for the light switch, he just leaned forward and reached for me. As my mind started recognize what was going on---why didn’t I figure that out before---I tried to pull away. Gerry pretty much ignored my struggle, except he leaned in and whispered “If you say a word of this to anyone, I’ll fucking kill you.”
Everything slowed down…sped up…I tried to just tune out what was happening and think my troubles away. It didn’t work as well as I wanted, I always would slip back into reality at the worst times.
Gerry stopped eventually. He didn’t open the door. He had me by both of my hands. “This would work better, wouldn’t it?”
What would, Gerry?” I snapped.
“I don’t have to break up with Violet, and I can still have you.”
“No…that’s not happening.” I replied.
He responded to that by repeating everything.
He’s halfway through when I hear voices. This would be my chance to escape, no? I reach for the door and start pounding on it.. “HELP!” I yell. “HELP!”
“I think that’s Andrianna in there!” I heard Jonas say. The door opened. Light flooded in…the sun was up…we had been in there for about six hours, according to the digital clock.

“Shit…Gray, call the cops! Andrianna, put some clothes on. You too, Gerry…” For some reason, he slammed the door again. “No more funny business.”
I was almost done getting dressed when Gerry takes out the knife he was threatening me with earlier, and plunged it into the side of my shoulder. “Fuck you!” he screamed
Gray opened the closet door, and, grabbing Gerry by the shoulders, dragged him away. “The cops are here anyways.” He said, looking at me.                             ]

And I’m left alone, wounded.
And that was the rest of my life in Bently.

The End

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