Swan Princess Part 2

       Years past and finally, Melody was turning 16 years old, a proper teenager!  Her mother Ariel also her father James were accepting another child. They are to call her Sarah or him Howl. Unknown to Melody she had a sister on the same day but not. They were not twins since it was a magical birth however, it was a magic of the darkest kind, which was a gift from her capture Edward. The parents were delighted to have another charming baby but she was actually a witch but very ill natured. They knew not what do with her and feared for Melody’s life. They made the hasty decision to give this little evil princess to a noble in the neighbouring kingdom as a sign of peace. The witch’s name was Isabella and grew to hate her name because it was a good name; she used her name for tricking fools to get what se wants.  


       Melody was finally sixteen years old and going to have a party. She invited most of her friends. She was going to invite all of them, but of course it would be a bit too much. This is what Melody did for her party games:  hopscotch, bingo, and board games such as ‘The Little Mermaid’, and ‘Mulan’. There were computer games to play such as ‘Winnie the Pooh’ and ‘Tigger’ too and ‘Who Wants to be a Millionaire’. Melody was an excellent listener, and worker, and was very stylish. She had about thirty or twenty-nine computer games altogether. Ariel forgot to tell her about the spell and was worried. She knew that when her daughter soon turned sixteen, she would transform into a swan that very day when the party was halfway finished. Ariel quickly rang the number ‘(252)123634’. “Darling James, the party is almost starting, hurry home!” said Ariel.

“Coming as fast as I can sweet heart,” replied James. James drove home as fast as his speedy car would go.


      Over at Isabella’s wicked castle, she was plotting an evil scheme on the Queen’s daughter on her birthday. She wanted to strike at the perfect moment. She did not know actually when and how to do it. She had to think very hard about this one. If she just came into the castle, she would be killed for sure! Witches can be killed very easily; in fact, Isabella does not have full powers yet! She is not even old enough to have them yet! She only has a quarter of it. Quite small don’t you think? It may be big to her because she never really had powers before in her life. Isabella is almost about Melody’s age! ‘Too young!’that’s what her mother would say!


     Melody wants to be a teacher when she grows up. Especially inEnglish   she got 5 on SATS and going on to GCSES. She does not like art because she says she cannot draw.

Melody does not know about turning into a swan. Melody snuck into her mother’s room to ask something but heard her mother say she’ll turn into a swan on her sixteenthbirthday (afternoon). “Oh no my party doesn’t end until the afternoon. Ah I know I’ll cancel my party but what are my friends going to say.” Melody went to her mother and wanted to cancel the party. Her mother knew she was in the room because she heard her open the door. Her mother said yes and when she went out of the room Ariel was rejoicing … like seven angles singing!  Then Ariel stopped, she knew Melody was still behind the door. She then felt ashamed of her behavior. She called Eric in for a few moments. She whispered in his ear and told him to get Melody from behind the door. Melody came in. She had a confession to make. She was behind the door when she heard was going to turn in to a swan at her party. Ariel wanted to say sorry for her behavior of singing. She was terribly sorry and in fact, she was a parent as well. Ariel could not think of a way to make it up to her daughter.  She felt so ashamed. Eric told her that it will all right but…he was wrong.  Isabella heard about this and thought of a plan to ruin the birthday family party. 


    Isabella had a wicked heart even when she was little! She was so happy she thought up a devious plan so quickly! The plan was to kidnap Melody and make Ariel give her what she came for. It sounds easy but she wanted revenge for doing the things to her brother Edward. Therefore, in Isabella’s gruesome castle she schemed, trapped and anything she wanted to do really, because her brother only ever bossed her about. She was quite bored really, now that he was gone. Well Isabella really should not be happy really, because whenever she is she gets a little heart attack. Her heart is small as a mouse. She also hated the sun because it burns her. She already had tanned skin.


   Well at the castle, she did not feel very well because the way she had acted, behind the door eavesdropping on her mother talking. Melody was walking along the castle grounds when she saw Isabella in the back garden. Luckily, Melody was behind a bush of spiky and prickly leaves. Also stinging natal bits which she hates those most of all. All of the spiky green bits and the furry bits on the natal. She says it takes forever to get rid of. It is not true because she says it hurts mostly but does not want to act like a baby saying it hurts a lot. She says she has sensitive skin. Well while she was hiding, she found magic power balls. They were all covered in patterns also designs like zigzags, lines, flowers ect. Stuff like that. Melody wished that she was inside the castle of hers and her wish came true.

       “At last I’m safe from that wicked witch down there. Oh I must worn the others about her appearance, but where is my mother and father and where did they go?”

To make her think much better she went to find the kitchen to eat some ice cream. Melody did not know that the witch was actually her sister. Well because Isabella never lived with them due to her dark birth and the fact that she was a witch.

          Isabella's secret was to become good and pretty but she was sad because her mother forgot about her birthday TODAY!

 Therefore, she began to cry. Melody thought that witches never ever cry so she wished she could be down there with the witch.

"Why are you crying?" Melody asked.

"Everyone ran away from me when I tried to talk to my mother they took her awa..."

"Who is your mother and what is your name?"

"My name is Isabella and my mother is Ariel. The Queen."

Melody looked astonished. She never knew she had a sister. Melody asked her if she was telling the truth. Isabella said yes and cried some more. Melody took her sister to her room she asked what was her favourite colour. "... pink ", replied Isabella

Melody looked more surprised because pink was her favourite as well! Isabella really admired her sister’s room. "No one will ever know it's you"

"Thank you Melody. How old are you?"

"I'm 16 today. You?"

"Same! Sixteen today!"

Then someone knocked on the door. "Honey you in there? It's me you mother."

"Hide quick Isabella. Come in."

Ariel had a confession to make and told her all about her sister Isabella and that she was on the castle grounds. "When you find her don't tell her about the surprise. It is for both of you. Bye, meet me in the great hall at 8: oo pm doesn’t be late!"

Isabella came out of the hiding place and looked a lot happier. Both of them quickly changed and went in to the Great Hall. The lights were of so it was quiet a surprise when they found the light switch.

      The happy birthday song was song and the two girls were very happy. They had yummy, delicious vanilla ice cream cake. The two girls unwrapped their presents and Isabella had a glittery pink ball gown, crystal glass slippers and a pink necklace and bracelet that sparkled in the setting sun light. Melody had the exact same except for that Isabella had a bright pink crown tinted with silver and Melody had a glittering pink crown slightly tinted with red.

       After a few years of catching up, at their next party they were introduced to two fine princes of the Kingdom of Altemar and the Kingdom of Altemer. They were brother kingdoms and were situated close to each other and their mother’s. A few months of courting on either side just to see the personalities of these fine princes and then a decision was made. Melody married the Prince of Altemar so Isabella married the Prince of Altemer. They both lived happily ever after. That itself is a different story entirely.




  What became of the evil plot you ask… it turns out in the midst of planning her (fake) parents told her the truth about everything. Hoping that she would not exact revenge on her own sister before she even tried to meet her. She snuck into the castle baring the royal symbol asking to speak with her mother. A few days before an oracle appeared to Ariel that it was time to accept her other daughter back home. This in turn will prevent the swan transformation from taking place. Everyone was told not to go near her and the first person she were to talk to was Melody. It was a big risk but the queen had to take it, she did not want her daughter to live as a swan even for a moment!


The End

N.B. Some parts may not make sense but tried to alter it so it would - made initial version on the 28/10/2005 and altered it on the 11/04/2012.

The End

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