The Swan Princess

Created on the 14/05/2005 Altered basic spelling and puncutation mistakes - 11/04/2012
Kind of a mixed story between The Little Mermaid and The Swan Princess and my own imagination when I was younger.

  Once upon a time,   there was a   beautiful young girl named Ariel.  She so wanted to marry the most handsome man of her dreams.  Ariel hopes to meet the special someone at the ball tonight!  Ariel in fact met none but he found her.  His name is Prince James.  They both fell in love with each other at first sight!  They danced with each other most of the time.  In the middle of the party Ariel was kidnapped by the Evil villain Edward.  The party stopped frantically looking for Ariel or any sign of her.  Then Edward told them how much time they have to save the Princess Ariel.  They were very scared.  One said, “What are we going to do and how?” Prince James told them to calm down and that she is going to be saved even if that is the last thing he did.Then there was a BIG argument going on.  James just went with some solders and was off to find his beloved Ariel.


   Meanwhile, at the Palace where Edward kept Princess Ariel; until she agreed to marry him so he can be King but inside he really loved her.  Ariel replied “NEVER. I WILL NOT MARRY YOU!”  She says that every day and kept on saying that day after day.  Edward kept asking her to marry him every time she said no the more he lost his temper.  When he had enough, he quickly zapped her into a swan then transferred her to the lake.  He told her the rules that are the moons up you turn back into a girl, when the moon is down you turn into a swan again, but have to be on the moon’s reflection to turn into a girl other wise it won’t work.


         Finally the moon is coming up Prince James found the palace he sneakily went in to the garden of Edward’s and he was about to see Princess Ariel turn into the girl she really is.  They both hugged each other until Edward came out.  Actually, they heard his footsteps when he was coming.  Prince James ran out of Edward’s garden as fast as he could run, before he comes.  Ariel forgot that James dropped his bow and arrow on his way out of the garden.  When Edward came in and asked, “Will you marry me?” She said, “Yes I will!”  (She was lying)

“Then how come I found this bow and arrow?”

Ariel cried and cried until she fell asleep.  While she still was asleep, Edward transferred her over to a spare chamber in his castle.  He made her a human again and put a love spell on her, than woke her up.


  “What happed how did I get here?” Ariel said with a puzzled look on her face.

“I transferred you over here into the chamber next to mine.”

“I like it, it is very beautiful! Can I sleep here tonight Edward dear? It is so much more comfortable than that nest outside.”

“Of course you can as long as you keep to your promise and you marry me tomorrow night.”

Just then her memory came jolting back! She said yes even though that was the last thing she wanted! Horrified by the close proximity of Edward she tried to get out of his embrace but he was too strong. She asked sweetly, “Dearest, may I have some room to stretch? My muscles seem to have fallen asleep in your strong arms.”

He puffed his chest out in the recognition of her praise; he released her and watched her stretch. Little did he know what was to happen next! The minute after she was done Ariel ran as fast as she could, out the doors until she reached the garden but she was trapped, there was nowhere else to run! Edward appeared in a puff of smoke, whichcolouredhis rage and with one swift movement locked her up in her room. He bound her to the bed with a comfortable movement rage but not so much in case she would escape again. He locked the doors and barred the windows, there was no way out.

      At Prince James’s Palace, he was waiting for the right moment to attack Edward’s Castle and save Princess Ariel from Edward – the Villain.  James thought that he could sneak in Edward’s garden again hopefully.  He tried but he saw guards at the front & back of the castle.  So he could not get in if he tried he would get caught by one of the guards and be sent to Edward’s dungen or worse. James told every one about where Princess Ariel was.  One of them said, “Let’s get the Princess back she might be in danger or …” he didn’t want to finish that sentence. What was said hung like a rain cloud.

“I cannot take any more of this I have to get out of here.”

The guards are everywhere even in the castle! Ariel looked out of the window in amazement she saw Prince James playing card games with the guards!  He was in a disguise of course and asked all the guards if they will let him through.

      They all said yes thinking he was a new hired hand and guided him to the Princess. The guards did not know that the man was the Prince James; they were foolish enough to lock him in her room with Princess Ariel. Edward had a premonition in his dream, he needed to wake up and so he did. His dream was actually accurate for once!

Now the battle begins; of life and death, will good prevail or will evil? There is a BANG, PUNCH, HIT, KICK, SCREAM.  Who is dead?  “PLEASE DON’T BE JAMES.” cried Ariel. Running to the balcony she saw a figure standing, it was James! Prince James succeeded! They quickly ran out of Edward’s Castle towards the main road, there they hitched a ride to her new home. When they finally got home, a bit prematurely I might add, he carried her over the threshold of her new home. They were married the next day and their party lasted for at least two days!  Now they are finally Prince and Princess. As was the custom her last name changed to Jones. After all that excitement Ariel settled down and finally began a family of her own, which began with a baby, a baby she called the baby Melody.



                                    You’ve got to wait till The Swan Princess 2!

The End

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