Alexis: Recovering With Ale and SmokesMature

Three days, that is how long she had been out when she fainted last. From what Luna had told her she must have passed out when Angus pulled the glass from her back, and as she feared Iris got to run a little rampant. It made Alexis's blood boil. Iris had broken their truce and tried to kill Luna. She didn't care to much about Angus or Ryder, but she owed them for taking Luna and her in. Whats more the wound from her back was completely healed and her right lung was in perfect condition as well. To thing three days ago she had a gaping hole going through her back and her lung. Her arm was still some what broken as well. Angus had set it while she was out cold. She was glad she wasn't awake for the pain.

"Are you ok, Alexis?" Alexis turned to look at Luna who had stayed by her side throughout the whole ordeal. She couldn't believe she still wanted anything to do with her after what had happened. Luna was sweet and shy, that made Alexis want to protect her even more. Alexis could feel Luna tugging on her arm. She looked over to see a worried look on her face.

Alexis smiled reasuringly. " Oh, it's ok Luna, I'm fine."

Luna smiled hugging Alexis's arm. "I'm glad I don't want to lose you too." Luna drifted off snuggling against her arm.

In a few minutes she was fast asleep. Alexis heard foot steps coming up the stairs of the bus. She turned to see Angus who was partially drunk standing there with a huge grin on his face.

"Would you care to join us for an early night smoke downstairs. It must be pretty stuffy up here in the lab."

Alexis grinned. " Sure I'll join you." She slipped Luna off her lap where she had fallen asleep and moved her on to the make shift bed the guys had constructed for them, and followed Angus down the stairs of the double decker bus. Ryder was sitting in a chair with his feet propped up on the table drinking some homemade brew the Angus whipped up. He smiled when she came down the stairs.

"Ah, there she is! The most troublesome girl I ever tangled with." Alexis gave him a smile in return. From what Luna had told her Ryder here had forced Iris into submission when sh got control. He was lucky that she was still weak from blood loss, but other than that he wasn't to bad looking and he did look capable. Alexis poked at the though of him for a moment as she joined Angus and him at the table.

Ryder gave a smile and slid a bottle her way. " Here drink up. I'm sure it'll do you some good." Alexis picked up the bottle and to a swig. It was a strong drink although not as good as some whiskies she had had before, but never the less a light weight couldn't handle it.

Angus lift a strange contraption up from under the table, and started to blow into it. It had o be some kind of instrument because it made a sound like that of a horn mixed with a flute, it was very unique.

Alexis was curious about it. " What is that thing i have never seen or heard anything like it?"

Angus let out a hearty laugh. " Why tis me bag pipes. I's also use em to smoke." He blew into them again playing a short tune that she couldn't recognize. Smoke started to plume out of it. She coughed as she inhaled. Angus let out a hearty laugh. "The tobacco i use in here is a special blend that keeps my virus in check." Alexis was a little bit shocked at first to hear this.

"Wait so you have a cure for the Virus!?"

Angus put his hand up. " Now don't you be jumpin ta conclusions. This only works on people who are infected. It gives them total dominance and control over their virus. It isn't exactly a cure."

Alexis sighed it wasn't a cure after all. Then it donned on her she hadn't heard from Iris the whole time she had been awake.

Angus gave another laugh. " I see that look in ur eyes. The virus hasn't been speaking to ya has it. Yup I sure do know me stuff. The chemical works by subduing the personality of the virus allowing the host to stay in control. It wont work on the mutated freaks outside though. So it doesn't count as a cure."

Alexis thought this over taking another swig of the homemade ale. She didn't hear Iris, but she could definitely still feel her. She heard a low sleepy voice in the back of her mind. " Yeah...I'm... Still....Here..." Alexis cringed hearing her in her mind wasn't as bad as have her speak through her own mouth, but it still left her feeling uneasy.

Angus let out a huge burp that broke Alexis's train of thought, and in turn that sent Ryder into hysterical laughter. Alexis smiled, she didn't really know these guys, but it was nice that for now they could do something almost normal in this hell.

The End

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