Defeating IrisMature

Ryder ran after Angus as he ran with the other girl to his bus. When he reached it he climbed the stairs and entered. He quickly ran into one of the personal spaces and laid the girl he was carrying onto the bed, and put her strange shotgun next to her. When he had taken car of the girl he ran upstairs to the second floor of the bus, Angus's lab. He had the girl laid down on a table while he was tending to her. He covered her wounds to help staunch the flow of blood, and was giving her some concoction to drink. He crossed the room and stood beside the table watching Angus at work. He had never seen him so focused  before.

"There, that outta help out," Angus said looking over his work. "Now we just gotta wait."

          Suddenly the girls eyes flew open, and she took in her surroundings, studying him and Angus.

"Ah, you are awake, how do you feel?" Angus asked the girl. Suddenly without warning she struck out, and hit Angus right in the forehead with such force it knocked him out cold. She leapt to her feet atop the table and dropped into a crouch facing Ryder. The girl grinned maniacally, and bared her teeth at him.

"So wheres the girl, hmmm? Tell me where she is so i can girl her and drink her blood!" The girl laughed insanely, her body shaking. Ryder didn't know what was going on but it didnt look good by the looks of it.

"I dont know who you are or what you want but theres no way your going to kill that girl, not with me around." The girls expression changed to one of hatred and she snarled;

"Well then I guess Ill have to kill you too then!" With an earsplitting shriek she leaped at his hands extended, and he rolled out of the way as she careened past him. She landed smoothly and turned to him smiling.

"Oooh, a fiesty one. This will be most fun." She leaped at him again, and he raised his hands in defense. She slammed into him, and they both fell to the floor locked in combat. They rolled him trying to get a hold of her, and her kicking, biting, hitting, and scratching. He got a hold of her and was just about to punch her, when a voice sounded from the doorway.

"LET GO OF HER NOW!!!" The other girl stood in the doorway, her shotgun aimed right at Ryder. He released her, and watched her play sneaky. Her head was turned at him smiling victoriously while she spoke to the other girl.

"Shoot him Luna, he was trying to kill me. Now return his favor and kill him!" The girl called Luna kept her attention on him and said;

"Dont move or ill shoot you, dont think I wont!" He kept still but tried to convince Luna he wasnt the enemy.

"No I wasnt trying to kill her! She attacked me, you've got to believe me! Why would we save you out there just to kill you?" he reasoned. The evil girl sneered and said to her friend;

"Dont listen to him Luna, he just lying to try to get you off your guard so he can kill you too. Dont give him that chance, kill him now!" The girl looked torn, looking back and forth between him and the evil girl. The evil girl was yelling now, yelling at the girl called Luna.

"Come on Luna, kill him!, kill him!, do it now!!" The girl with the shotgun was scared, fear in her eyes as she spoke.

"I-I-I cant." Luna said. The evil girl growled, furious.

"Ugh, you just cant rely on people to do anything these days, alright then, ILL DO IT MYSELF!!!" With a shriek she jumped at Luna grabbing her shotgun, wrestling her for it. Ryder jumped to his feet and ran straight at the evil one tackling her off Luna. She threw Ryder off her and went back at Luna who cowered afraid. She went and grabbed Luna throwing her into the wall head first. Ryder got back up and tackled the evil girl again not letting her harm the other girl any more. Ryder got on top of her and held her arm down. The girl twisted and managed to get free knocking him back.
          With him dazed she leaped on top of him and closed her fingers around his throat, choking him. His hands flew to hers trying to pry them off his neck but the girl had him in an iron grip.

"Why Alexis!? Why are  you doing this?" The girl named Luna said lying on the ground. The girl turned her head an evil grin on her face.

"Oh im not Alexis, Alexis is asleep right now, I am Iris!, and i will kill you and this man, and take over Alexis's body!" The girl threw back her head, and laughed like she was mad. While Ryder was struggling to breath her realized the meaning of her words. This girl was the infected virus inside the body. Luna obviously did too as she gasped in surprise.
          Without warning anger swept through him, he would not allow this monster to harm the girl. He head butted the girl and threw her off him into the near wall. He quickly ran to Luna to make sure she was okay. While he was the girl came from behind and grabbed him. He reached and grabbed her arm over his shoulder and pulled, flipping her over his back, so now he was behind her. He twisted her arm remembering what she had said, and raised his elbow. Alexis is asleep right now. Well, he was going to wake her up. He brought his elbow down right on the girls twisted arm, and heard the snap as the arm broke.
          The girl howled with pain and collapsed on the floor. Luna crawled over to the girls body and said with a frightened note in her voice;

"Alexis!? Alexis!?!? Talk to me!!!" The girl moaned and tried to sit up clutching her arm.  

"No dont try to move just lie still." The girl moaned again and spoke;

''Wha- What happened Luna?"


The End

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