"THIS IS" -dramatic pause- "ANGUS"Mature

Swerving through the city in the double decker bus Angus and Ryder are singing merrily, possibly drunk and high off the fumes from Angus’s bagpipes as they search for supplies for the week.

“Show me the way home. I’m tired and I want to go to bed. –hick- I had me a drink bout and hour ago and it’s gone straight to my head.”

“Let us have another round my friend.” Angus shouted drunkenly slapping Ryder on the back knocking him off balance to the floor.

Getting knocked on the head Ryder came out of his drunken stupor and shouted, “STOP! I heard some sort of explosion.”

Calming his nerves Angus settles down and listens to what sounds like crumpling rubble. In a quick movement Angus turns the bus to find the source of the noise. Driving down several blocks taking about five turns they finally come up to the fallen building brining the bus to a stop. Angus grabs his Sword for faster maneuvering while steps out of the bus with Ryder right behind him. They search the area for evidence as to what might have caused it. Angus bends over to find what looks to be bomb fragments in the side of a broken wall with hundreds of zombie parts through the area.

“Ryder, come over here and take a look at this. It seems that some people were being held up here.”

Ryder walked over to Angus but noticed what looked to be the beast that attacked him when he first met Angus. He motioned Angus to follow him to see if the beast was stalking the survivors that placed the trap.

Angus notices two young women, one dragging the other, down the street. Worried that the gorilla shark was following them he decides to agitate the virus to be able to go toe to toe with it and possibly save the two young women.

“Ryder you may want to step back this could get ugly. Not to mention I might break more building in the processes.”

“Have at it you ended up condemning the last building you knocked that thing into”

Angus turned to Ryder with a smile and turned back to the beast that was showing no interest. Angus pounds his fists into the asphalt and lunges himself forward charging at the beast following the two women. Angus landed in front of the creature. Its reaction was quite unexpected as instead of fighting it just roared and took off in a different direction. Angus was confused. He didn’t know why the Gorilla shark took off like that. They should be evenly matched. Shaking off the thought he turned his attention to the two young women who still hadn’t noticed him. 

Angus looked closer seeing a trail of blood following them. One of them was hurt!! Angus hopped down from the building he was on and rushed over to them. The small girl was carrying the other one who had a rather large piece of glass sticking out of her back. The smaller girl turned toward him with a shocked look on her face dropping the injured woman and stumbling backward. A peculiar shotgun hung from her shoulder which she fumbled with failing to load it properly. The shot gun fell from her hand and she screamed grabbing the other woman arm and attempting to pull her away from him.

The girl stuttered in duress as she freaked out at Angus. “G-GET AWAY!!!”

Angus, realizing that he must look frightening to the skittish looking girl calmed the virus and returning to his original size. The girl must have been even more shocked because as soon as he returned to normal she fainted. About that time Ryder joined them and whistled loudly at the piece of glass that was stuck in the other woman.

“You know there is no way she is alive. Right?” as if to prove him wrong the woman moaned coughing up thick blood that splattered the pavement.

“There may not be time but I have to try. Help me get them to the bus take care of the girl passed out over there while I take care of the more critical one.”

Ryder picked up the unconscious gild and rushed her back to the bus. Angus turned his attention to the girl who was currently lying on her stomach on the pavement coughing up blood. Angus knelt beside her and spoke.

“What’s your name can you tell me that?”

She spoke in a hoarse half gurgled voice. “Alexis.”

Angus placed his hand on the piece of glass that was stuck in her back. Her response wasn’t very logical. “ Stop!” She coughed harder, more blood coming up and splattering Angus’s pants. “Don’t pull it out! If you do I could lose consciousness.” She started to cough up more blood. Angus worried that she may die from blood loss. “If that happens…” She trailed off losing consciousness. Angus made haste he needed to get her back to the bus fast. Her being in this state could kill her. He ripped the piece of glass out of her back cleanly and picked her up running back to the bus hoping he could save her in time.

The End

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