Luna: Morning of DangerMature

"Luna! Luna! Wake up!" Luna's eyes fluttered open the sound of Alexis's voice sharp in her ears. She looked around seeing Alexis at the door to the room they were in. Alexis turned and looked at her.

"Its bad Luna there is a whole swarm of them! I  cant fight them all not these one they are all at least level twos."

Luna could see the panic in Alexis's eyes. She wasn't worried about not being able to defeat them. She was worried about not being able o protect her in the process. Luna got up quickly reaching for her shot gun. Alexis was holding the door shut as it was splintering around its frame. Luna cocked the shot gun looking at Alexis for reassurement. Alexis nodded to her and jumped back from the door as it splintered to pieces. Mutants started to swarm in. There were of all shapes and sizes. Luna blasted the first one hat jumped for her spraying pennies that ripped it apart and two others the were directly behind it. Alexis was going to town but she seemed a bit slower than usual. Luna couldn't tell what it was but she seemed sluggish. Well as sluggish as a super fast killing machine could be. Alexis started backing up now dicing the infected that came at them. they had their back to the window now. Luna was scared out of her mind. She had never seen a horde this size before. She started running scenarioes through her head. None of them ended well.

"A-Alexis! W-We c-cant fight them!"

Tears were welling up in her eyes now she didn't want to die, it was the last thing she wanted. Alexis turned o her seeing her on the verge of tears,and did the craziest thing Alexis sheathed her sword and tackled Luna. Both of them flying out the window. Luna was breathless as they were free falling in the air. She didn't even know how they were going to survive this they must have been at least ten stories up. Alexis was saying something as the were falling but the wind was carrying it away, she couldn't make it out. Suddenly an explosion came from the floor they had jumped from. It was massive and it blew them even further into the air sending them crash landing onto the roof top across from the apartment building they had been in. The building across from they continued to explode all the way to the ground floor leveling the entire building.

Luna lied there staring up at the sky. She still couldn't believe they were alive. She sat up and looked her self over. She didn't have any serious injuries, just some scratches here and there. Luna looked around the roof top trying to see were Alexis landed. She found her lying at least fifteen feet from where she was. Luna crawled over to her, getting a good look at her. She was hurt pretty bad. A piece of glass the size of her arm was sticking out of her back. Her right leg was broken and she had a very freaked out look on her face.

"L-Luna, you need to go! If i loose consciousness she will kill you!" Alexis turned her head to look her in the eye. "She will kill you Luna!"

Luna was confused she didn't really understand what she was talking about. but she did not want to leave Alexis on this roof top alone. She grabbed Alexis's arm and hoisted her up as best she could. She was surprised to find that she was not that heavy. She grabbed her shot gun and Alexis's katana.

"A-Alexis, I-I'm not going to leave you here!" Luna set her down on her belly and prepared to pulled the large piece of glass out of her back. From the position of the glass and how deep it was Luna could tell that it had pierced her right lung. She couldn't remember to much from medical school but she knew that Alexis shouldn't be alive right now. Grabbed the piece of glass getting ready to attempt to pull it out.

"Luna Stop! Don't pull it out! If you do i might pass out from the pain, and if that happens Iris will take over. She will kill you Luna, she will make it slow and painful. I don't want that. You need to leave me now. Just go if you stay here with me you will only die."

Luna let go on the glass. Tears were streaming down her cheeks. She didn't want to leave Alexis here like this.

"Shut up! I don't care about that!" She was sobbing now the though of leaving Alexis behind was inconceivable. They hadn't been together long and she had never expected much from Alexis as far as friendship, but she felt that they were close and she didn't want to loose something like that again. Luna Slung her shot gun and Alexis Katana Over her shoulder and hoisted her up on her shoulder making for the fire escape. It was a tough climb down carrying Alexis and their weapons, but Luna didn't give up she was determined to save her friend. When she reached the bottom of the fire escape she continued to move on. walking out into the street and continuing down the road. She didn't expect them to get far. The smell of Alexis blood would probably draw a lot of attention from the mutants. She trudged along for at least ten minutes. Luna stopped in her tracks. Why weren't they attacking us? The should be swarming us right now. Luna was confused this was odd behavior for the mutants. Usually the smell of blood would draw them for miles, but this was just strange. A loud familiar roar sounded from the distance. Luna knew all to well what that was. It was that creature she had run into. The one that had showed no interest in her and then had decided to stalk her. Luna started walking again quickening her pace. Alexis started to moan. She must be in immense pain Luna thought to herself. Luna could hear the sound of a vehicle closing in on them. A chill went up Luna's spine.


The End

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