Alexis: Late NightMature

“Now I know you may think that I’m the kind of person that would rather kill someone rather than kill them, but when I look at Luna I see someone I need to protect. She remind me that I’m not a monster and somehow that being human is still worthwhile.” Alexis Cracked her knuckles. They had been moving for some time now, only stopped here for the night so Luna could sleep.

Alexis took a look around the room it was mostly barren white walls and hard floors. Probably some kind of vacant apartment. She got to her feet and walked to the window. Looking out she could see infected in the streets, they were always more active at night.

“Go ahead you know you want to kill them. Consume their virus make yourself stronger.”

Alexis put her hand on her head, Shut up Iris, I have no reason to do that anymore, besides, I need to stand watch over Luna.”

Iris chuckled. “Well I hope you don't expect me to just sit back and watch I’m going to pester you until you break and I will take over this body.”

Alexis gritted her teeth. “No you won’t. We had a deal Iris if i found a reason to stay human you would leave me alone.”

“I don't care about that deal. I’m alive to you know I need a body, being stuck inside you like this is irritating. I bet the other infected don't have their human hosts fighting back.” “Iris if you so much as try to use me to hurt Luna I will end us both.” Alexis drew her katana partway for good measure. “

Alexis felt a cool feeling in her head like Iris was smiling. “How long has it been since you slept Alexis. Two days? Three days? Soon your going to crash and when you do I’ll take over until you wake. I’ll kill Luna and bath in her blood. You will be so overcome by grief that you will give me this body and be lost forever."

“I won’t let that happen. I’ll stay awake, and I’ll find a cure. I’ll be rid of you Iris.”

“Good luck.”

With that Iris stopped talking. Alexis looked out the window again and sheathed her sword. Iris was getting more and more active. She almost never gave her time to herself always pestering always complaining, and trying to tell her what to do. Alexis brushed her thought aside. The night was still young. Infected were still in the street and running along the roof tops. She was glad they took shelter in a room on the top floor of an apartment building  She had a good view of the city and could easily keep an eye out for any hordes that migh come their way. Alexis heard a thud outside the room they were in. She inched over to the door so not to wake Luna, and slowly opened the door. She was relieved to see it was only Vargus. She stepped outside and closed the door behind her. Vargus was a strange creature she had met some time ago he hadnt been hostile and she alway thought of him as a pet. Six arms and the upper body of a gorilla, arms included. His head was like that of a shark mixed with a gorilla. He had bull hooves instead of feet and a long fluffy tail. Ye a great pet. Alexis noticed that he was bleeding. She rushed over to him and inspected his wounds. It was like he had been hit by a freight train. He was bruised all over and bleeding in some spots. Vargus slumped over in obvious pain. Alexis ran her hands up and down his chest and arms looking for breaks. He was lucky whatever he tangled with hadn’t broke any of his arms or ribs.

“Vargus get up and come over here to this other room.”

Alexis walked across the hall, and opened the door to another room. She turned back to see Vargus limping over. Then she realize, “Vargus your leg!” Alexis rushed back over to Vargus and felt his leg. He let out a low moan that sounded almost human. It was broken in several places. Alexis helped him get into the room and laid him on the soft carpet inside. He needed rest. Alexis went to setting the bones in his leg. Infected always healed fairly quick even from bone breaks like this, but if she didn’t set it, the bone would heal wrong and his leg would be useless. Alexis set this first bone and te reaction she got from vargus wasn’t pleasant. He smacked her across the room. Alexis flew into the wall nearest to the hall hitting hard. She got up slowly slightly dazed. Alexis shook her head regaining her senses.

“Oh Vargus you shouldn’t have done that.”

Alexis rushed forward dodging a blow from Vargus and punching him in the top of the head. He fell to the floor silent. She hadn’t killed him, but he would wake with a headache. Alexis finished setting the bones in his leg and slumped against his chest. Vargus may be an infected but he wasn’t bad. He usually had two personalities a good one and very vicious one. The good one usually killed other infected and left humans alone, but the bad one. Alexis turned her head looking at Vargus’s face. She couldn’t believe that he was one of the level 3 infected that destroyed the government. All though he wasn't a level 3 anymore. He was more like a level 6. Alexis smiled to herself, patting Vargus on the shoulder.

“We all have our problems don’t we buddy.”

Alexis got the her feet and walked to the door walking to the hall and closing it behind her. She proceeded over the the room Luna was in and sat down beside her. She asked herself if he is a level 6 then what the hell am I?

The End

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