Encounter Of AngusMature

Ryder opened fire on the infected, mowing down row after row of the bastards. He fired again and again, his gun blazing, as memories of his killed wife flashed in his eyes. He kept firing until the clicking sound of his gun out of ammo reached his ears. "DAMN IT!" he screamed and flung the gun away in disgust. He reached out and drew his dual pistols, a mm9 and double barrel pistol.
          He raised the pistols and started blasting away. He headshotted one infected, and blasted the head off the shoulders of another. He drew a grenade from the sash across his chest, bit the pin out, and lobbed it into the mass off them. The grenade went off, and part of infected went flying. His mm9 ran out of ammo so he flung it at a charging infected, and hit it in the head. While it was dazed, he reloaded his double barreled pistol, and then blew a hole into its chest. Eventually that ran out too, and he discarded it. He threw another grenade, and blew up a few more of the infected.
          Now to the fun part. Ryder reached back, and drew his longsword out of its sheath. He uttered a battle cry, and charged. He ran at the first one, and rolled as it swung razor claws at him him. He came up and beheaded one of the zombies. He turned and ran another through the chest. He yanked out his blade and carved a path of destruction through the infected horde. He sliced, stabbed, and dodged, killing one after another of the animals.
          In his blood lust he got careless and turned his back on one them. He sliced the ones throat, and felt a burning pain, as the one behind him raked its claws across his back. He fell to the ground, rolling in agony. The infected that had downed him, emitted a sound that was about as close to delight as a mutated piece of flesh could get. His adrenalin, and rage soon overrode the pain and he rolled onto his back, eyes looking up. The infected crouched, and pounced, leaping for the kill. As it flew through the air Ryder lifted his longsword straight up in the air. It landed right on the point of the blade, and impaled itself. He lowered his sword, and pulled it out of the bleeding corpse.
          He stood breathing hard an bellowed, "YOU THINK YOU CAN DEFEAT ME!?" He charged again, and picked up where he left off, his body a flurry of movement. Then he paused for a moment as confusion took him. The infected were backing away from him. They are giving up? Perhaps I gave them to much of a fight, he thought to himself smiling. Then his smiled vanished. As the infected backed away, they parted revealing a hulking infected, more dangerous and deadly than any other he had ever seen. It looked like a cross between a gorilla, and a shark. Ya, if a gorilla and a shark were on steroids, he thought grimly. Its just one more thing to kill. He brandished his sword, and yelled. "You want some?" The creature obviously didnt like being threatened, as it crouched, and growled menacingly. Before Ryder could even react it leaped all 15 feet to him, and sent him flying. It crouched and leaped again, but this time Ryder was ready. He twisted, and swung as the infected went past him, and cut a deep gash in its arm. It shrieked in pain, and pounded the ground with its fists, making craters with each punch. It charged him with lightning speed, and he felt honest to goodness, bone chilling fear. Not like small fear, but freaking piss your pants fear. He was paralyzed as it continued its run on him. This is it, theres no escape this time. Ryders mind was now gripping the fact that he was about to die.
          Suddenly he heard an eardrum popping roar. This hulking man came stampeding out of nowhere and and met the beast in midair. The infected had no chance. That man slammed into the thing like a kamikaze freight train. The hit the ground, and rolled. The man slammed the infecteds head on the ground stunning it. He then got up, grabbing its legs. He swung it around, and launched the thing 30 yards into a building. The wall collapsed upon impact, and dust flew into the air. The limping creature crawled out of the rubble and fled. The other infected shrieked in fear and hightailed it out of there too. The mysterious man the walked over to him. For a second, Ryder thought he was going to launch him too, but instead the guy offered a hand to him. He helped him up and introduced himself.

"Hello, me names Angus."

The End

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